I absolutely love Bible jouraling and sharing my creations, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all those eyes on my pages. My Bible journaling is meaningful to me as my personal time in God’s Word, so I use journaling cards to save the day. Keep reading for lots of ideas to use journaling cards to enhance your favorite Bible journaling pages.

Bible journaling with journaling cards

One of my favorite aspects of Bible journaling is the personal thoughts and prayers that are left behind after you have turned the page. I love going back and seeing what was going on when I worked on that page.

I am a private person by nature, and Bible journaling is both personal and public all at the same time. Sometimes I like to keep my journaling private, but I still want to be able to share my pages. That is why so many of my pages include little journal cards and tip ins.

14 Days of Bible Journaling Inspiration

We have a treat for you!

I love Girl Scout cookies. My favorite is Samoa’s. I just love it when all my favorites come together in that sweet, crunchy-yet-chewy goodness. I also love when my favorite peeps come together to talk about one of my favorite topics: Bible journaling.

I’m thrilled to be joining a very special blog party put together by Alyssa at Alyssa Avant: Overcoming Your Fears Through Faith blog. She has put together 14 full days of resources for Bible journaling inspiration.

Ready for the party?

Please click here and check out my post:

Bible Journaling with Journaling Cards.

Then, be sure to head over to the 14 Days of Bible Journaling Inspiration Facebook page for blog party. There is great discussion and GIVE-AWAYS for free stuff!

What ways have you used journaling cards in your Bible journaling? Share in the comments and visit us at The Holy Mess Bible Journaling Facebook group.