I’d rather fast forward past the holidays this year.

Bah humbug.

The holiday season is meant to be an exciting, wonderful time.

Except when it isn’t.

Friend, if you are not feeling the joy of the holiday season, you aren’t alone.

Depression and sadness often hit during the holiday season.

Whether due to grief, loss, or overwhelm, the holiday season is a time of depression for many people.

Sometimes it’s simply the overwhelm and stress of the busy holiday season.

But there is hope.

How to Find Hope When Holiday Depression Hits

I know the holidays are not easy when you are down.

I’ve had bleak holiday seasons.

I’ve had holidays when I ate my way through the holiday sweets to the point when I was miserably sick to my stomach, yet I popped antacids and continued to eat more. Remembering back, I feel sad that I did that to myself, but it was the only coping strategy I knew at the time.

There is goodness and light after depression! You might not feel it today. That’s okay. Just hold on to the hope and believe that it’s there for you.


Please click over to Faith Along the Way website where I am a guest author today, to complete this article and read the 20 tips I share there about how to handle holiday depression:

How to Find Hope When Holiday Depression Hits


Have you struggled with holiday depression or sadness? How did you find hope?

How to Deal with Holiday Depression & Anxiety

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