Products, Activities, and Ideas that are Keeping me Fit this Summer:

1. This article about 5 ways to become a morning exerciser has helpful ideas. As I wrote in my eBook, I’ve become much more of a morning person since my weight loss. When I do my workouts early in the morning before life happens and gets in the way, I’m much more likely to be successful. Plus it gets me charged up and energized for the day.

2. Check out my Courage Classic donation page. THANK YOU so much to everyone who donated to my ride. I was able to far surpass my donation goal to this very worthy cause. Riding in this event is meaningful and brings my weight loss around to be able to help these kids and give back. Click here to read about my Courage Classic experiences.

3. Blueberries. Anyone else on blueberries right now? YUM! Our family goes through a big box every few days.


4. Volunteering for Ironman Boulder 2014 was a moving and interesting experience. This was the inaugural Boulder full Ironman event. I had never seen a full Ironman event in person before and was so inspired and in awe of these amazing athletes. I felt privileged to serve as a volunteer. Many athletes stopped during their race to thank me as I was picking up cups. I wanted to say, “No, go, don’t stop, keep going!” There was no need for them to thank me. Many volunteers have helped me along the way before. I am thrilled for the chance to give back.

Aid Station

My friend Jan and I volunteered at the last aid station of the run. (One mile from the finish line!) We picked up cups and cheered on runners until our throats were sore — and it was my honor to do it.

aid station

Cups — lots and lots of cups!

ironman chicken broth

We heated chicken broth for the runners to drink for salt. Some races get cold at night although this one stayed warm throughout.

ironman boulder

The finish line.

Ironman Boulder

ironman dark run

Runners in the dark. The race passes out glow sticks and many runners use head lamps for the last couple hours.


5. Setting a new goal: My friend Lena encouraged me to ride the 100 mile route in the Venus de Miles bike event with her on August 23rd. That’s some motivation to get back out on my bike and train over the next few weeks!

6. I just ordered my Erin Condren calendar for 2015. I used one this year and loved it. I plan all my workouts for the week on Sunday night and circle them, so I can see at a glance all the exercise I’ll be doing. Special bonus for my readers! You can use this link: Erin Condren Calendar  to order from the website and receive a $10 off discount code.


What is keeping you fit right now?

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