How do you know when is Easter Sunday each year? What determines the date of Easter? Read on to find out, plus a list of when Easter will be for years to come.
How Do You Know When is Easter Sunday?|The Holy Mess

How is the Easter Date Determined?

Jesus rose from the dead on the first Sunday following Passover. Jesus, who was Jewish, was celebrating Passover during what we now consider Holy Week. Two thousand years later, we celebrate this miracle.

The date of Passover is not easy to determine. The Easter dating method is based on the Jewish lunar calendar, and includes slight variations (astronomical full moon or liturgical full moon) so that the date of Passover was sometimes announced by the rabbis to account for these variations.

Christians did not want to be dependent on rabbis to determine Christian feasts, so they devised a different method for determining the date of the Easter celebration on the calendar.

Easter is always the Sunday after the full moon that occurs on or after the Spring Equinox on March 21st.

This full moon may happen on any day between March 21 and April 18. If the full moon happens on a Sunday, Easter will be the Sunday following.

Easter cannot be earlier than March 22 or later than April 25.*

Palm Sunday is one week prior to Easter.

The date of Ash Wednesday is 6 weeks before Easter, then back  up 4 more days.


List of Future Easter Dates

Here is a handy and helpful list of the dates for Easter Sunday for many years to come.

2021 –April 4th
2022 –April 17th
2023 –April 9th
2024 –March 31st
2025 –April 20th
2026 –April 5th
2027 –March 28th
2028 –April 16th

2029 –April 1st

2030 –April 21st

2031 –April 13th

2032 –March 28th

2033 –April 17th

2034 –April 9th

2035 –March 25th

2036 –April 13th

2037 –April 5th

2038 –April 25th

2039 –April 10th

2040 –April 1

More Information about Easter Dating

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How Do You Know When is Easter Sunday?|The Holy Mess