How to Worship God in Times of TroubleWhen life gets hard, do you find yourself turning to God or away from God? Do you run to God for help, or run away from God with resentment? Do you continue to worship God when you are in the middle of difficult life situations?

Read on for a 4-part devotion series about how to worship God in times of trouble, based on an in-depth look at Psalm 84. This summer, I wrote these devotions for while I was going through a “time in the valley” in my own life. God spoke to me with these words.

May He speak to you through His Word, too.

Psalm 84: How to Worship God in Times of Trouble


Part 1: Are You Excited About Shechinah?

Do you jump eagerly out of bed on Sunday mornings, excited about worship at church? Why should we be excited about worship? David, the writer of this Psalm, gives us answers.

Devotion: Are You Excited About Shechinah?

Part 2: Are We There Yet?

Psalm 84 talks about traveling through the Valley of Baca. What is that? (As one of my friends says, “With the way my life is going, it’s more like the Valley of Caca!”) Click to find out what this Bible passage is all about.

Devotion: Are We There Yet?

Part 3: Are You a Strong Person?

Do you feel like you need to be the emotionally strong one? What does it mean to be a strong person? This Psalm gives us the answer — and it might not be what you think.

Devotion: Are You a Strong Person?

Part 4: How to Find Freedom

When we face tough life situations, we aren’t usually too thrilled at first. Yet true freedom can be found in the midst of these circumstances. How? Click to read more.

Devotion: How to Find Freedom

How to Worship God in Times of Trouble