An Amazon Prime membership has many perks that keep people coming back year after year. The benefits start with free shipping for all merchandise, and you don’t have to meet a certain dollar amount to receive this benefit. You just have to be a member. But are using your Amazon Prime membership to its fullest potential? Use these 7 insider secrets to get the most from your Amazon Prime membership.7 Insider Secrets to Get the Most From your Amazon Prime Membership #amazon #amazonprime #amazonhacks

As an Amazon Prime member, in addition to free shipping you have access to thousands of free videos, movies and TV shows and you have the option of buying movies, too. So, there’s always something good to watch when you’re in the mood to sit back, relax and enjoy.

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These two benefits alone are enough to make anyone seriously consider becoming a member, but that’s not all. Becoming a member also gives you access to other benefits that are not so well known.


7 Insider Secrets to Get the Most from Your Amazon Prime Membership

Here are seven insider secrets to get the most from your Amazon Prime Membership:

  1. Enjoy free music downloads and streamingAmazon offers a wide variety of free downloadable music for you to enjoy and you can also stream songs on Prime Music. So you always have access to your favorite artist.
  2. Take advantage of special Amazon credit cards – As an Amazon Prime member, you have access to both a Rewards Visa Signature and an Amazon Prime Store Card. These offer special savings that you won’t get with other cards. For example, you’ll get five percent back when you use these cards to buy from Amazon and there is no annual fee for either one.
  3. You have access to Amazon outlet and warehouse centers – You can find a wide variety of overstocked or slightly used items at discounted prices when you shop at the Amazon outlet and warehouse centers. If you buy a used item and you’re not satisfied with it, Amazon has a great return police.
  4. Cloud storage access –You don’t have to worry about losing your videos or music if you don’t have a way to back up your hard drive. Access Amazon’s Cloud Drive instead. It offers members 5GB of cloud storage for free. They also offer Amazon Photos that give you free unlimited photo storage with your membership.
  5. Take advantage of Amazon’s coupon site – You can save a lot of money on all types of products when you use Amazon’s coupon site and it’s so easy to use. Simply pick out the coupons and when you’re ready, click to redeem. The discount will automatically be applied to your order.
  6. Amazon Prime offers a sharing program – The sharing program allows you to share your benefits with two other adults that live with you in the same household. This way, you don’t have to have separate accounts.
  7. Read for free – Amazon offers a wide variety of eBooks on Kindle for free. You can also download some free comics and magazines from time to time. The free options change all the time so be sure to check in regularly to see what they have to offer.


Bonus! 8 MORE Amazon Prime Insider secrets

Amazon Prime has a lot of benefits to offer that goes beyond free shipping and access to free entertainment. They offer many ways for you to save on all types of items from products you use every day to special gifts for someone you love. If you’re already a member, now is a great time to check out all of the benefits they offer. If you’re not a member, now is a good time to sign up.


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7 Insider Secrets to get the most from your Amazon Prime Membership #amazon #amazonprime #amazonhacks

7 Insider Secrets to Get the Most From Your Amazon Prime Membership #amazon #amazonprime #savemoney