by Jeff Marshall

Jeff Marshall, humor

Fun Friday is going a little sentimental today.

Sunday will be my first Mother’s Day since mom passed away in December. In fact, this blog will be published on the 5 month anniversary of her passing. Some days it seems like yesterday; some days it seems like 500 yesterdays.

I’ve been trying to figure out why the thought of Mother’s Day this year is so much harder for me than the other “first” holidays that have come and gone since that awful day in December. Christmas was hard, her birthday was hard, but the days leading up to Mother’s Day have really been dreadful.

I think I finally figured out why: Mother’s Day was OUR holiday – my brother and I are the only two people in the world who were blessed to be able to have this particular holiday with this particularly awesome woman. She was the light of our lives and always will be – I look up in the sky at night and see her in every star, imagining all the things she is doing up there to prepare for our reunion one day. What a celebration that will be!

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’d like to share with you the gift I presented her on May 11, 1997. My mom wasn’t a crier – neither am I – too much German blood, I guess. But I distinctly remember a tear or two when I presented her this song I wrote, especially for her. Feel free to share it with your mom this weekend. My mom would like to spread the wealth – that’s the kind of woman she was!

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by Jeff Marshall

The love of a mother
A reflection of God
So strong and unshakeable and true

A teacher, a doctor
A source of peace
An indelible image of comfort and joy

Thank you for showing me that love knows no boundaries
That God has forgiven me
That in Him, I know I’m free
That kindness and loyalty will help others clearly see
The way to Christ
And eternal life

The love of a mother
As solid as a rock
Yet gentle like a feather in the wind

So strong, yet so delicate
Inspiring me
To show love to others like I have received

Thank you for teaching me that Christ gave His life for me
That God will hear my every plea
That I am His eternally
That my life should always be full of love and mercy
In all I do
And all I say

The love of a mother
The love of a mother
Thank You, Lord, for giving her to me