Update! See the results from this blog post here.Special Needs Parents: When People Don't Get It

From your sister-in-law who gives you parenting advice about your medically fragile child, to the soccer coach who rolls his eyes when your child wanders off the field yet again, to the stranger who gives you dirty looks in the check out line — do you often feel people in your life just do not GET IT when it comes to your child with special needs?

To parents of children with special needs: this is your chance to provide understanding.

People often ask me, as a mom of children with special needs, questions such as these:

  1. Why do so many more children these days have special needs? It wasn’t like this when my kids were little.
  2. How can I help? I’m not sure if it’s rude to offer my assistance.
  3. What can I say that won’t be offensive?

People do want to help, but they aren’t sure how. It’s a good sign people are asking these questions! This shows they care.

Parents, please answer this question:

If you could say anything to people about what it’s like to parent a child with special needs, what would it be?

Please share your responses in the comments section. I will tally responses and share them in a future blog and on my website. I’ll also be using them in future presentations I give, How to Minister to Families of Special Needs Children. Thank you for sharing in order to create more awareness and understanding!

Update! Click here to see the results from this blog post.