by Jeff Marshall

Jeff Marshall, humor

Happy Friday, kids!

Well, my friends, I’m suffering from writer’s block. Not to get too graphic, but I refer to it as creative constipation. I’m sure you know what I mean – sitting there for hours waiting for something wonderful to pop out.

So, we’re just going to chat. There will be no rhyme or reason to today’s blog – just a cornucopia of things that are going through my head. Who knows – this may end up being more entertaining than my previous hilarious but well-thought out blogs! (If I do say so myself.)

First of all, I’ve got to share this story with you. And I’m really hoping at least some of you can relate…

OK, so I’m at the grocery store the other day because I needed cheese – well, I WANTED cheese. I know, there’s a big difference. But at the time cheese was as much a necessity in my life as air, shelter, and THE VOICE. Anyway, I was at one end of the store, and I saw someone at the other end of the store looking my way. I would have sworn she was looking directly at me. And then she started to wave. I didn’t know her from Adam or Eve, but I began to think that maybe it was some mysterious woman from my past. So I naturally began to wave while flashing my irresistible smile. Then I turned around and realized that she was waving at the person behind me. So embarrassing! I had to do my best to appear cool, so I quickly took my waving hand and ran it through my hair, as if that were my original intent. I had no idea if it worked, but I grabbed my block of colby jack – which I’m ashamed to admit I ate in ONE NIGHT – and quickly made my way to the next nearest aisle – which naturally turned out to be the feminine hygiene products. ARGH!!!!! Sorry, cheese, but it wasn’t worth it!

So, speaking of THE VOICE, I’m ashamed to say I am becoming seriously addicted to all these shows that I used to make fun of – reality competition shows. And, of course, I use the word “reality” very loosely. But it’s becoming quite worrisome! I have no idea why I’m watching PROJECT RUNWAY – I have absolutely NO interest in fashion. Every week, I wear the same two pairs of pants and five shirts I bought at the thrift shop. But I’m enthralled by the creative process! I have even caught myself watching SKIN WARS, a body painting competition on the Game Show network. Believe me, there is nothing that could be further from my interests than body painting, but I’ve been there every Wednesday night at 9PM. The finale was this week, and when they announced a second season would be produced, I squealed like a teenage girl at a One Direction concert. What is happening with my life?!?!

I must admit, though, I am so extraordinarily excited that Sara and her family will be coming to Decatur next month. I’ve not had the opportunity to see Sara speak in front of an audience, and I am going to be there front row center! CAN – NOT – WAIT! Whenever Sara and I get together, it’s like high school again – re-enacting scenes from PRETTY WOMAN, driving cars over piles of wood chips, laughing till our stomachs are in knots – great, great memories! Perhaps I will share with you some stories from our past – perhaps it’s time for me to talk about the REAL Sara Borgstede, woman extraordinaire!

Be sure to stay tuned to future Fun Friday blogs – it’s time the truth comes out…

Oooooohhhhhh, suspense!!

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 Super exciting news, Decatur, IL friends! I’m coming to visit and will be speaking in your town!

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Faithful Finish Lines

5:30-6:30 pm, Decatur YMCA,  hosted by St. John’s Lutheran Church

Event is open to the Public. Will you come join us?

I’m honored to also be speaking at my Alma mater, the Lutheran School Association, that afternoon for students, parents, and staff. We are looking forward to an exciting day!

youthesourcelogo-small2The second Bible study I wrote in the series for teens is published. This resource is a free download. Come check it out here.