The Significant GapThere is a significant gap between loving someone as they are right now, and holding out for who you wish they could be.

It’s a painful realization. I hold back part of my love, waiting for those dearest to me to catch up to the ideal picture of them I have in my mind.

What if, just for today, I made the decision to give up my pushing, criticizing, molding, and designing? What if, just for today, I decided simply to accept, with no other intention?

After all, it’s not my job to fix anyone.

Only God can fix what is broken in my child, my spouse, my parent, my sibling, my friend.

Only God can fix what is broken in me.

There comes a huge breath of relief in knowing it’s not my job.

It’s not my job. Whew.

Yet when I stop trying to fix it, the grief comes flooding in. I cannot fix this. I need to allow myself space to grieve the significant gap. The changes I so desperately long for might happen, or they might not.

Will I continue to love if the situation stays the same?

God, give me the strength to manage the significant gap that comes when I want someone to be different. Help me stop trying to close the gap, which isn’t working. Help me grieve the fact that I cannot fix this. Place Your hands of protection around our situation. Get me out of the way so You can work in the ways that need to happen. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.The Significant Gap