Things No One Ever Told Me...When I Was Overweight and Out of Shape

I Was the Fat Girl.

I grew up hating exercise. I was the kid picked last for the team in gym class. Overweight and out of shape, if it required sweating, you could count me out.

Sara before picture, 100 pound weight loss

Sara ~ “Before”

The truth is I secretly wanted to be part of the “in crowd” of the cute volleyball players who got to leave class early, boarding the buses to go to games and tournaments. I would have loved to fly across the track like the cross country runners.

But it was as if everyone else spoke a foreign language and no one bothered to teach me. My body didn’t do those things.

I believed I just wasn’t made to do physical activity.

Oh, at times I dabbled into the world of fitness, but it wasn’t a regular part of my life.

Other people were born with the exercise love gene, but not me.

A Whole New World

Fast forward into my late 30s, when after a lifetime of yo-yo weight gain and dieting, I finally lost 100 pounds and learned to overcome my compulsive overeating and binge eating. (Click here to read the whole story of my 100 lb weight loss.)Sara Lost 100 lbs!

Suddenly exercise was part of the deal.

I still hated exercise.

I still figured other people were born to exercise, but not me.

Still, exercise meant I got to eat more as I was slowly losing weight, and I did love to eat. (That’s still true.)

Like it or not, it was time to jump into the fitness world.

You know, to be one of those people.

Sara first triathlon swim

My first triathlon swim. I had to re-learn to swim as an adult.

People who go to the gym – in form fitting workout clothes.

People who run outside – even when it’s cold.

People who lift weights.

People who sign up for races and set goals.

Things No One Ever Told Me About Fitness

As I began to slowly move into the world of fitness and exercise, I learned little tips and tricks along the way. What workout gear I needed and what was a waste of money. What clothes to wear and which stores carried the items I needed — in my sizes.

Now, I’m going to share this super-helpful information with you.

You don’t need to stumble along trying out everything and learning the hard way. You have the insider information right at your fingertips.

Many of these tips are from me, some are from friends, and some are from Faithful Finish Lines members (

Now you get the insider scoop.

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Things No One Ever Told Me About Fitness…When I Was Overweight And Out of Shape

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Things No One Ever Told Me About Fitness

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