Are you searching for Cool Backpacks for Teenage Guys? I have two teenage sons (plus a husband who often carries a backpack), so I am continually searching for backpacks that will stand the test of time. We look for a bag that will hold textbooks without crushing his i-pad or laptop, lunch, and of course, there is always the need for where to put the all-important cell phone. See my list below for cool backpacks for teenage guys.

cool backpacks for teenage guys

What Backpacks Are Cool For High School?

As you’ll see in my list of cool backpacks for teenage guys below, backpacks with USB ports and ones that will hold and protect laptops are on high demand this year. But we need to remember that durability is vital in protecting the electronic devices during those early morning bus rides or runs across campus and those late-night study sessions.

What Is The Most Popular School Backpack?

According to LaptopMag, the most popular backpacks are the ones that fit and support a laptop. Here is there top 5 on cool backpacks for teenage guys…

1. JanSport Right Pack Backpack
2. Herschel Supply Co. Heritage Backpack
3. Nike Heritage Backpack
4. Fjallravel Kanken
5. Under Armour Hustle 4.0 Backpack

Teen Vogue says that cool backpacks for teenage guys are the one accessory you carry almost every day and that house all your necessary supplies and even if you’re learning from home via virtual school, a backpack can be your go-to item to help you clear all your books and notepads off your desk when you’re done for the day. That’s why choosing the best backpack should be your top priority. From bright, bold colors and printed knapsacks to sleek leather pieces, there’s an option for any type of personality and style. Not to mention, at every price range too.

Cool Backpacks for Teenage Guys

Here are 25 Cool Backpacks for Teenage Guys, with options in every budget. Prices are correct at time of posting but may vary and change at any time.

1. ProEtrade Backpack with USB port – $32.99

The ProEtrade backpack has 4.5 stars, which is great. The USB port is a plus.

2. Vashcy Waterproof Backpack – $29.89

The Vashcy is waterproof and has great reviews as well. It’s roomy and durable.

3. Under Armour Grdian – $59:75 – $99.99

Under Armour is a great brand and the teens love it too. This backpack has good reviews and states that it’s very durable.

4. SOLDIERKNIFE Durable Waterproof Anti Theft Laptop Backpack  – $26.98

This backpack has a USB port, lots of room and fits most sized laptops.

5. Under Armour Adult Hustle 4.0 Backpack– $55.00

This Under Armour Hustle backpack is a good size with lots of pockets, durable and water-resistant.

6. Linbag Popular Heavy Duty Teens High School Backpack, Blue – $39.99

Here is another with good reviews, a USB charging port and can hold a laptop-sized 15.6 or smaller.

7. Under Armour Storm Scrimmage Backpack, Graphite/Black – $44.99

This backpack for teen guys repels water, hold a laptop/iPad sized 15″ or smaller, and has space for water bottles.

8. JanSport Big Student Classics Series Backpack, Black – $52.80

The classic JanSport backpack has plenty of space & pockets, is great for high school & college students. A water bottle pocket & three front zipper pockets mean more room for books, snacks, electronics & gear.

9. 936Plus College Backpack for Men & Teen Boys – $29.99

The 936Plus is tough enough to take a beating, is water-resistant, has a rugged faux-leather bottom. This heavy-duty student backpack withstands anything kids can dish out.

10. High Sierra Swerve Backpack, Black – $49.99

This backpack has great reviews! It can hold a laptop up to 17″ and has lots of space and pockets to keep everything organized. This backpack was a great addition to our list of cool backpacks for Teenage Guys

11. ASPENSPORT Laptop Backpack  – $22.99

Again, here is another with good reviews. It can hold a laptop between 15″ and 17″ and it is water repellant.

12. Everest Luggage Backpack with Front and Side Pockets, Royal Blue and Black – $13.64

The Everest backpack is great for carrying all the stuff your teen guy needs. It has good reviews and pockets to hold those water bottles.

13. Ricky-H Blue/Black Men Graffiti Pattern Bookbag, with Laptop compartment – $16.99

The Ricky Graffiti backpack is roomy, has dividers and pockets to help keep everything organized.

14. Champion Men’s Champion Advocate Backpack – $44.27

Champion’s backpack has a 5-star rating, which is great! They claim it’s machine washable, holds a laptop and roomy.

15. Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack for Men– $21.99

The Modoker backpack is built to hold your laptop, has 4.5 stars and external USB charging port & set-in charging cable.

16. Red Blue Fire Dragon Backpack – $31.98

This backpack is water-resistant, it has a 4.5-star rating and waterproof.

17. Advocator School Backpack 14″ Laptop Bag Printed Stripe – $19.99

Here is another 4.5-star rating backpack, it’s lightweight, water-resistant, and has a USB port.

18. NIKE Hayward 2.0 Backpack– $54.33

This backpack is built to last, has a 5-star rating, and has plenty of storage room. This backpack is a great addition to this list of Cool Backpacks for Teenage Guys.

19.Under Armour Medium Fry Backpack – $35.00

This Under Armour has a 3.5-star rating, machine washable and has pockets to keep things organized and hold your water bottles.

20. Jansport Backpack – Blue Plaid – $39.99

This JanSport backpack has good reviews, full back support, has a 15″ laptop sleeve and pockets to help keep things organized.

21. PANS Military Style Backpack – $37.99

This backpack is for the ones that love the military-style backpacks. It has several pockets and storage areas for all the things. It is water-resistant and durable.

22. NIKE Brasilia Mesh Backpack – $90.00

This Nike backpack has a 4.5-star rating, it has a mesh design, a spacious compart to hold all the school things and pockets for the water bottles.

23. KAYOND Casual Style Lightweight Canvas Backpack, Black – $25.88

This Kayond backpack has a 4.5-star rating, can accommodate a 15-inch-computer, lightweight and fashionable.

24. MGgear Backpack – $17.49

This backpack has a 4.5-star rating, it is spacious and has pockets to help keep things organized.

25. MayZero Backpack  – $25.70

This has a 4-star rating, waterproof, good size capacity to hold all the school supplies and has pockets for water bottles.

Bonus Bag Idea

Our family is in love with the bags from Timbuk2 company. Originally started as bike messenger bags, the company has branched out and makes all sorts of bags, but we still think their bike messenger bags are the best.

Mike, Bekah, and I, and now Josiah all have one of their bags. The bags are a splurge, but they are practically indestructible. They are waterproof, have great gadget features, and one of my favorite features is that many of them have a TSA-compatible sleeve so you don’t have to take your laptop out of the bag while going through security at the airport. It’s a bag that really will last for many years to come. This is a great addition to this list of Cool Backpacks for Teenage Guys.

Check them out:|Timbuk2 on

Cool Backpacks for Teenage Guys

What backpacks have you found that are great for a teenage guy?

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Cool backpacks for teenage guys

Cool backpacks for teenage guys