True confession time.

I cheat at Candy Land.

I’ve been known to throw a game of Chutes and Ladders too. Especially when I land on that super-long curly slide that takes me alll the way back to the almost-beginning.

Here’s the true confession part. I cheat so that I lose, not so that I win. It’s not because I worry about risking damage to my child’s psyche if she loses a game now and again, either.5 Ways to Play with Your Kids when You Hate to Play|The Holy Mess

The real truth is…these games bore the snot out of me.

So when that little spinner goes around and I see the plastic blue person is going to land at the top of the slide, taking her all the way to the bottom of the game board, throwing us into a 30 minute Candyland overtime, I may be known to push that arrow to the side just a wee bit.

I LOVE my children. And I’m a good mom, but I’ve never been too much of the get-down-on-the-floor pretend with Barbies type.

Oh, I’ve tried. After one outfit change and a 5 minute date with Ken to the Rubbermaid box tea party, I get itchy.

Over the years, I’ve learned to be okay with this. There are plenty of ways to be a good mom even if you don’t tend to get down on the carpet and play with Barbies or Hotwheels cars very often.

Out of all the parents in the world, God chose you as the mom of your children for a reason. Never doubt your importance or compare yourself to other moms.

5 Ways to Have Fun with Your Kids When You Hate to Play

Instead, here are five other ways to connect with your kids in a meaningful way that you will enjoy, and they will, too.

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5 Ways to Play with Your Kids When You Hate to Play|The Holy Mess