Discover new ways to use Bible Gateway to grow your faith by looking up Bible verses, reading commentaries, receiving devotions, and more.

Bible Gateway is one of the best online tools available for studying God’s Word. You might have used Bible Gateway in the past to look up Bible verses. With over 200 Bible translations available in 70+ languages, Bible Gateway is an incredibly Bible reference tool. But did you know there is lots more this website has to offer? Here are 7 incredible ways to use Bible Gateway to grow Your faith.

Grow Your Faith Using Bible Gateway website and app

What is Bible Gateway?

Founded in 1993, is the original multilingual online Bible resource. Users can freely read, hear, search, study, compare, and share the Bible in 200+ versions and 70+ languages, using their desktops, laptops, tablets, e-readers, or smartphones.

With 150 million views per month, it’s easy to say Bible Gateway is the most visited Christian website in the world.

7 Incredible Ways to Use Bible Gateway to Grow Your Faith

Use Bible gateway to read the Bible but also study the Bible in-depth with these features.

  1. Read Bible verses at Bible Gateway.
  2. Compare translations.
  3. Listen to the Bible with audio Bible at Bible Gateway
  4. Get devotions at Bible Gateway.
  5. Read commentaries at Bible Gateway.
  6. Get a verse of the day at Bible Gateway.
  7. Download the Bible Gateway app.


7 Incredible Ways to Use Bible Gateway to Grow Your Faith

Bible Gateway is an amazing resource for the Christian person to read and study the Bible, but it also goes beyond that to offer tons of additional resources for your walk with God. Here are 7 ways to use Bible Gateway to grow your faith.

1.Read Bible verses at Bible Gateway.

One of the most popular ways to use Bible Gateway is to look up scripture verses with a few simple clicks.

When you visit Bible Gateway, you will immediately be taken to the page where you can enter a Bible verse, keyword, or topic.

Bible gateway how it works to look up a Bible verse

Look up any Bible passage with the click of a button, and then choose from 200+ versions and 70+ languages.

I use this resource at least once a day and often many times a day to look up passage for my website as well as my own personal research or devotions.

If someone asks me a question about a particular Bible verse or topic, is often my first stop.


2. Compare Translations

Another of my favorite features at Bible Gateway is how easy it is to compare translations.

How to Compare Translations with Bible Gateway

First, choose a Bible passage. Then, click on the “Add parallel” button. You can compare 2, 3, or more translations all on one screen.


3. Listen to the Bible with Audio Bible at Bible Gateway

Listen to the Bible being read to you at Bible Gateway by clicking here. There are many versions to choose from, including quite a few languages. I like to listen to the Bible while I’m getting ready in the mornings.


4. Get Devotions at Bible Gateway offers a huge variety of devotions here, from classical to more modern. Many are available via email series as well.


5. Read Commentaries at Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway is a fantastic resource for Bible Commentaries. In years past, you would need a library to store what is now available at the click of a button.

These commentaries go in depth into the meaning of the passage or verse you are studying in order to give you helpful insights into God’s Word.

Bible Gateway Commentaries

To access commentaries at Bible Gateway, Click –>> “Resources” –>> “Commentaries”.


6. Get a Verse of the Day at Bible Gateway

Read the verse of the day on the Bible Gateway website or subscribe via email. You can also listen to the verse of the day on an audio Bible.


7. Download the Bible Gateway App

Take these amazing features with you when you download the Bible Gateway app for your smartphone or tablet. Get the Bible Gateway app here.


More Bible Gateway Resources

While the above listed 7 resources are my favorite, Bible Gateway offers even more incredible resources. As I was exploring the website I continued to be amazed at all that is available.

Here are some of the other features you can explore:

  • Bible Gateway plus – More reference books, complete digital Bible study library, reduced ads, and more with a small monthly subscription fee.
  • Bible reading plans – Bible reading plans sent directly to your email inbox. Many of these begin in January but some are available to start any day.
  • Topical search – Search the Bible by topic, which is helpful if you are searching for a general topic and not the specific keyword.
  • Scripture engagement – Articles about meaningful ways to engage in scripture, such as through visual arts (hello, Bible Journaling fans), praying scripture, memorizing scripture, and more.
  • Bible Gateway blog – Timely articles about topics relating to the Bible and Bible study.
  • Bible Gateway Bloggers Grid – Are you a Christian blogger? Have you blog shared at Bible Gateway.

These are 7 incredible ways to use Bible gateway to grow your faith, plus a few other helpful insights into resources available at Bible Gateway. What’s your favorite way to use this amazing website? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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7 Incredible Ways to Use Bible Gateway to Grow Your Faith

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