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At times, it feels like the world is against marriage.

We don’t need statistics to tell us society views the institution of marriage differently than it did a few decades ago. How many of our friends have decided to go separate ways? True, divorce is taken seriously, but it’s more normal than abnormal.

At times, it feels like the world is against OUR marriage. How many thousands of details tug and pull at each of us all day long, demanding our attention? Broken dishwashers, phone calls to return, and one more prescription to pick up.

We have an enemy who craftily uses the tiny details of the day to achieve his bigger purposes of division. The nagging annoyances pick away at our belief in each other. We doubt the best intentions.

But, my darling, my beloved — this marriage, this one between you and me — this marriage is going to make it.

Here is why.

7 Reasons Why Our Marriage Is For Keeps


1. We Said I Do.

I remember our wedding day 20 years ago. Everyone said how cute you were, anxiously pacing in the hallway waiting for the ceremony to begin. Maybe our friends and family thought you were nervous to get married. I knew you weren’t nervous about the decision, just the details. You wanted the day to be perfect for me, your bride. You took care of me then, and you take care of me now.

7 Reasons Why This Marriage is For Keeps|The Holy mess

We made a commitment to each other for a lifetime, and we keep our word. There’s not a lot we can count on in this life, but if we can count on each other, it makes going through this life together secure.

2. We Do the Little Things.

We know the little things that make a difference in a big way. You bring me a Diet Coke (fountain, not a can) on a bad day. I rub your shoulders when I see you working at the computer. You put the kids to bed so I can have a few minutes of peace. I smile when you walk in the door from work and ask about your day.

3. We’ve Been Through the Big Stuff.

We’ve walked step by aching, painful step through the heartbreaking grief of life together. The death of family members. Nights with sick babies in the hospital. Surgeries. Scary diagnosis. Bills that couldn’t be paid. Children’s behaviors that brought us to our knees.

God has changed and refined us through these experiences. As tough as each one was, we are different now. I trust this new, stronger you.

4. We Have Fun Together.

We love each other, and after all these years, we like each other. We’ve had amazing getaways and date nights. I cherish every memory.

I also love the times we laugh with the kids at the dinner table about farting (when did this become acceptable?!) or snuggle together on the couch watching Netflix.

If I could pick anyone in the world to spend time with, I would choose you every time. You are my favorite.


5. Our Children Deserve This Us.

Maybe it’s not the politically correct thing to say these days, but I believe our children deserve this Us — you, me, in love — parenting together. We get some parts wrong with this really tough parenting we do, but we get a lot right, too, with God’s help. Loving each other is part of the right.


6. We’ve Fought Through the Ugly.

We aren’t the young bride and groom of our wedding day. We’ve had some ugly fights. The traits in each other that seemed adorable when we were dating aren’t cute when it’s affecting our lives in a negative way, day after live-long day.

There were times we wondered how this marriage would last.

Yet we never doubted what we were fighting for. We never gave up.

Every Love Story is Beautiful Pin


7. God Has Ordained This Marriage, and It is Very Good.

But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’
‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife,
and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh.
Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.
Mark 10:6-9
God honors this relationship — you and me, together.
We are better, and we are more when we are together. What God has ordained is holy. This relationship is very good.
I love you. I am committed to this marriage for keeps.

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7 Reasons Why Our Marriage is For Keeps


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