I am painting our front door.

We will soon move across the country from Colorado to New York, and we are in the midst of the touch ups necessary before putting our house on the market to sell.Behind This Door|The Holy Mess

Our front door is solid but could use a fresh coat of paint.

We are in the process of turning this home back into a house once again, a bright, clean canvas for the next owner.

As I paint, I have time to think about who has passed through this doorway in the last 16 years that we have lived here.

We’ve had many visitors, much loved, but perhaps some of my favorite moments are those when my 5 children have come home from school.

Over the years I’ve been frustrated by the continual stream of backpacks, coats, school papers, books, and shoes that land on the floor by this door — often piled immediately here so you cannot even open the door all the way — stretching in a chaotic parade off into parts of the house unknown.

One of my personal favorites in this line is the coat/backpack ensemble that has been ditched as if one entity. You can still see the imprint of the child who left it.

Despite my frustrated attempts over the years, I’ve never been successful at getting my kids to hang up or put away these items.Behind the Door|The Holy Mess

I’ve tried a frustrated, “Seriously? You cannot take 5 more seconds to hang up your coat?”

Drill sergeant methods such as withholding the afternoon snack until all said items are hung up and put away lasted a short while. Giving in and doing it myself brought a clearer floor and the guilt that I’m somehow spoiling my not-spoiled children.

Now, I feel a nostalgic sentiment about these quickly forgotten items.

This is a good thing, yes?

My children feel an immediate sense of relief when they walk into the door of HOME. A sighed relief that whew, we made it through the day. We are home.

A friend of mine who is over 80 years young shared with me once that she tells her children, “No matter what happens to you out in the world, behind this door you will find love and acceptance.”

When you walk through my doorway, watch out for piles of shoes and coats. Chances are good you will see a stray sock or homework folder. (If you see something that needs to be signed, please sign it.)

There is acceptance here.

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This is what you will find, behind this door.Behind This Door|The Holy Mess