Bible journaling is creative artwork in your Bible or a companion notebook. As I’ve been writing and sharing about Bible journaling over the last months, one of the biggest requests I’ve received is a Bible journaling supply list for beginners.Bible Journaling Supply List for Beginners|The Holy Mess

No two people who Bible journal will have the same idea about the best supplies to begin and you will develop your own sense of style and discover which supplies work best for you personally. Still, it’s helpful to have a guide to point you in the right direction. We are here to help.

This list assumes you have a Bible or notebook. Are you considering which journaling Bible to purchase? Click here for help: Which Journaling Bible is Best for you?

Rebecca Rios, a leader in Bible journaling, has graciously shared her list of Bible journaling supplies for beginners with us. Rebecca was featured in the book Complete Guide to Bible Journaling . (By the way, if you add just one book about Bible Journaling to your collection, add this one.)

Rebecca Rios|Complete Guide to Bible Journaling|The Holy MessRebecca gives a number of ideas for how to get started, plus ways to add to your supplies in an affordable and realistic way.

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Bible Journaling Supply List for Beginners

by Rebecca Rios

I always give beginners the same advice: buy budget level supplies until you figure out what your own personal style is and then upgrade those specific supplies. You might gravitate towards using a lot of paints or NONE at all. You might love washi tape or maybe find you really enjoy clear stamps.

My basic kit would include:

All of that should run right around $20! Not bad for a super basic kit!


Upgraded kit:

  • Pentel aquabrush – These types of water brushes hold the water in a barrel to make watercoloring super easy & convenient! ( vs. a regular brush + water)

  •  Uniball signo pens – I always buy the three pack on Amazon for $6. The set includes white, silver and gold. Great way to add metallic accents or design a galaxy or fill in lettering to make it POP!

  •  I’ve since upgraded my watercolors to Pelikan brand – about $25 on Amazon. I’ve also invested in some metallic/sparkly watercolors. My favorite single color is called Moon Gold by Finetec. You can purchase an entire gold palette, but these are also available online in singles. Other popular upgrades include watercolor pencils and water-soluble crayons like Gelatos or Neocolors. I see amazing results with the Neocolors, but they are on the pricey side.

  •  As for colored pencils, I recommend Prismacolor. These can be found at Wal-mart, Amazon, hobby/craft stores and in singles at Michaels. I advise buying the biggest set you can afford (they come in sets of 24, 48, 72, etc) and then buying single pencils as you are able. My “starter” set was a 48 pack and then I’d pick up a few singles at Michaels each time I went. I recommend investing in a Colorless blender and learning to blend colors. It makes a big difference in your artwork! You will also need a specialty sharpener which may or may not come with your set.

  • Clear stamps + an acrylic block + ink pads (pigment not dye based) – as a clear stamp designer, I’m a little biased here. But clear stamps can take the guess work & pressure out of the artistry aspect and allow you to focus on your time with God. I especially love alphabet stamps!

    • Sweet N Sassy Stamps Give-Away

      Sweet N Sassy Stamps

      MORE Washi tape! I’m a big fan of washi tape! You can use it to adhere tabs, tip-ins, cover up mistakes, and just to add color and fun to your pages. It’s available everywhere – sometimes even your local dollar store!

  • Tab Punch – if you like adding tabs to your bible then you’ll want one of these! The one I use is by We R Memory Keepers. I punch of bunch of tabs out of scraps of patterned paper and keep the tabs in a jar for quick use.

  • Erasable highlighters. Great for highlighting verses and/or light colored lettering. The ones I have are Pilot Frixion Light.

  • Acrylic paints. These are cheap & fun to use and available at many stores! You might already have these on hand or can start with a handful of basic colors for simple, fast, fun backgrounds.

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Have you started Bible Journaling? What supplies do you use?



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Bible Journaling Supply List for Beginners|The Holy Mess

Bible Journaling Supply List

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