DIY Cupcake Paper GarlandAre you looking for a fun, classy way to decorate for an upcoming event? Check out these DIY Cupcake Paper Garlands! My friend Janet put these together for our Graduation/Confirmation Shot-Glass Mini-Servings Party, and the finished look was adorable. These are much more elegant than store-bought garland and not difficult to put together.

Cupcake Paper Garland

DIY Cupcake Paper Garland

DIY Cupcake Paper Garland

How to Make a DIY Cupcake Paper Garland


25 (or as many as you would like) pieces of yarn, cut to various lengths, about 3-4 feet long

2 packages of cupcake papers to match the colors of your party

1 package pom-poms with plastic spacer

pom pom with plastic spacer


  1. Punch a tiny hole in the center of each cupcake paper. We used a mini craft punch.
  2. String the cupcake papers and pop-poms onto each yarn piece in a random way. After each, tie a small knot to hold the papers and pop-poms in place.
  3. Decorate for your celebration! We strung the garlands along with a string of white lights for a fun, festive look.
Craft Punch

This is the craft punch we used.


Punch hole in cupcake paper

Punch a tiny hole in each cupcake paper.

Cupcake Paper GarlandsDIY Cupcake Garland