Would you like to have a lighter body and stronger spirit in less than a week’s time? Check out the 5 Day Faith + Fitness Jumpstart Challenge, a free Christian weight loss challenge for women.

Is Weight Loss Your Goal?

5 day Faith + Fitness challenge is for all women.
Join the Christian weight loss challenge today!

You want to lose weight, but those New Year’s resolutions have fallen to the wayside.

Life gets busy and let’s face it, when physical activity is so uncomfortable (or even outright painful) it’s sure easy to push that workout off for one more day.

You know you need to make a change or you’ll see the numbers on the scale continue to climb.

Jumping into a free 5 day fitness challenge
Faith + Fitness Challenge


Physical activity that includes motivation to move your body + faithful inspiration to move your soul.

This Free 5 Day Challenge is for You

Here’s how you’ll know if this free challenge is right for you.

Does this sound like you?

  • You know you should exercise but you put it off.
  • You are curious how to make exercise a meaningful time of worship.
  • You want to work out but worry the moves will be too hard, too painful, or you’ll never keep up.
  • You’ve been meaning to get back into regular physical activity but life’s gotten in the way lately.
  • You’re tired of Googling the latest trend about how to lose weight and are ready for a lasting solution.

If you can relate…then the 5 Day Faith + Fitness Jumpstart Challenge is for you. Click here to join now.

Here’s what women have to say about the challenge…

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Faithful Fitness challenge testimonial

During the Faith + Fitness Jumpstart Challenge you will…

  • Complete fun, effective workouts created especially for weight loss – in less than 10 minutes per day.
  • Grow in faith with meaningful Bible passages and a short daily devotion.
  • Share with other Christian women who understand your journey.

Free 10 Minute Workouts

Here are the workouts included in the challenge:

  • Expect Abundantly More (walking workout)
  • Moving as a Living Sacrifice (cardio workout – standing or with seated chair option)
  • All Things (strength training workout)
  • My Strength or His Strength (chair workout)
  • New Creation (core + stretching workout)

Bonus – 5 Day Whole Foods Eating Plan

Complete 5 day eating plan for weight loss
Complete 5 day eating plan for weight loss.

Plus, we’ve done all the meal prep work for you.

As our gift to you, included is this 5 day whole foods eating plan, complete with recipes and shopping list.

Get your free 5 day meal plan by clicking here.

Think You’re Too Out of Shape?

Are you concerned you are too out of shape to join in the challenge?

Have you ever experienced something like this?

Have you ever experienced this?

You are excited to start a new workout.

You click play.

Right away you feel uncomfortable since the instructors are barely clothed. Their bulging muscles make you feel like a big ball of flab in comparison.

Still, you were determined to commit to exercise, so you soldier on.

Five minutes into the video, you realize you’ll never keep up with all that jumping and bending. And let’s not even discuss burpees. (Soooo not going to happen.)

You shut the video off, feeling more lousy about yourself than when you started.

Here’s how the Faith + Fitness Challenge is Different.

Our workouts are designed for real women with a wide range of ability levels and life experiences.

Faithful Fitness workouts are designed for every woman.
Faithful Fitness workouts are for EVERY body.

Whether you are 7 years old or 70, these workouts are for you.

Join the Faith + Fitness Jumpstart Challenge today.

The challenge is completely free so you have nothing to lose.

Plus you receive lifetime access to the videos, 5 day meal plan, and devotions. You’ll be invited to join a supportive Facebook group with a community of women just like you.

Click to join us and start your path to the healthier YOU that God designed you to be.

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