How Do We Fix Our Kids' Gimmies?

Readers, will you help provide some answers?

How do we fix our kids’ Gimmies?

As in, the constant desire to Give-Me This, and Give-Me That.

I’m driving my son Zack, 6 years old, to the doctor, since he’s not recovering well from a virus.

Zack: “Will the doctor give me a sucker?”

Mom: “No, the doctor will not give you a sucker. If you are good she will let you pick out a sticker.”

(Where did my kids get this archaic idea of a doctor giving a sucker? Our doctor has never given our kids a sucker in their lives.)

Zack: “Aw, man! A sticker! I don’t want a sticker!”

Mom: “Okay, no sticker. How about just being appreciative the doctor is helping you get well?”

Zack: “Okay, fine. I’ll take the sticker.”

I realize my son will walk into the doctor’s office waiting room with a TV showing a movie to his liking, toys at the ready, and our bag holds snacks to munch and an ipad for him to play on while we wait.

Only a couple generations ago, medical care was not an assumed benefit. Maybe it was provided, or maybe it was too expensive and done without. I know the same is still true for some families in our country, and especially true for a huge number of people throughout the world. Forget the stickers and suckers.

Yet, by the grace of God, I have the ability to meet my children’s needs, and many of their wants, so I do. We teach our children that all we have is a gift from God, and we remind them of other people who don’t have as much, but it’s not tangible to them.

How do we fix our kids’ gimmies? What do you think, readers?