Are you a foster parent, adoptive parent, or parenting a child who has experienced trauma? You have my full admiration! You need practical resources you can use in parenting these children who may have difficult behaviors because of the trauma they’ve experienced. Check out the Foster and Adoptive Parents Printables Pack I developed just for you.

Foster and Adoptive Parents Printables Pack|The Holy Mess

When we first became foster parents, we knew the challenge would be difficult. Still, my husband and I had experience as parents and educators so we felt overall confident that we could handle the behaviors of the children who came into our care.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that children who have experienced trauma need a whole new level of parenting. Techniques that we used for our “typical” kids weren’t working and our house was spiraling into chaos. The children were out of control, our older kids hid out in their rooms, and we were exhausted.

We learned a whole new way to parent.

Over the years, after caring for 35 foster children and our two adopted boys, we’ve become seasoned parents in raising children who have attachment issues, medical needs, and behavior challenges. I’ve written about some of our experiences here:

Understanding Kids with Trauma

This Morning was Ugly: Parenting Children with Emotional Issues

Still Standing…How to Find Peace When You Don’t Get a Happy Ending

I understand the lonely feeling that no one else knows what parenting these kids is like.

I get it when therapy isn’t working (because it’s hard to find a therapist who truly understands attachment and trauma issues).

These resources certainly aren’t the end-all-be-all, but they are one more help from a mom who has been there. I pray they are a blessing for you. Is there another printable resource you would love to have? Leave a comment below and let me know.


Foster and Adoptive Parents Printable Pack

Included in this printable pack is:

  • Instructions for exactly how to use these resources
  • 2 Sets of House Rules. One for a typical home situation and one for children who require strict supervision.
  • Safety Plan plus a sample of how to use it
  • 25 Kids Calm Down Strategies, to be used with the Safety Plan or on its own
  • The Kids 5 Minute Chore List. We use these when kids back talk, are rude, or try to parent other kids. We don’t want to make a huge deal of it but we don’t want to ignore the behavior, so they do a small task to pay back the family for draining our energy.Foster and Adoptive Parents Printables Pack|The Holy Mess

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