A Countdown about the Last Day of our Camping Vacation

One broken down van.

Two hours waiting for the tow truck.

tow truck

Three boys exceptionally excited to go for a tow truck ride.

tow truck ride
Four beds at the Alpine Inn in Gunnison, CO.

Five boneless wings, 2 orders of bread sticks, a salad and 2 pizzas from Pizza Hut.

Six backpacks & 2 laundry bags full of clothes, 0 (zero) pairs of clean underwear.

Seven Borgstedes wondering when they will make it home from their camping vacation?

Seven Borgstedes thankful God has kept them safe.

Seven Borgstedes counting this all as one more adventure.

(Two parents praying the van repair isn’t too expensive.)

What detours has life thrown your way? How did you handle it?