How Should Christians Respond to Gossip?

My teenage daughter came to quietly stand next to me in the church entryway as I chatted with members on a bustling Sunday morning. As the pastor’s wife of a large church, Sundays are full of work, worship, and commitments, but I love it.

One look at my daughter’s face, though, told me something was not okay.

She pulled me aside and shared a conversation she had just heard. I was left speechless, then shaken and angry. Several church members had talked about confidential information concerning our family. Word had spread around the church, and then gotten back to our daughter.

People were gossiping about us.

Gossip Hurts

Have you ever been the subject of someone else’s gossip? Almost everyone has been there at one time or another. At the least it’s painful and embarrassing, and even worse it can damage relationships, careers and families.

As a pastor’s family, we live in the proverbial fish bowl. The reality is that people will talk about our family, and there’s not much I can do to make it go away.

If you have been the subject of other people’s gossip, I feel your pain. It’s bad enough when it’s just my husband and me, but when it affects my children, my mama bear instincts are to fight back with everything in me!

As a Christian who wants to respond as the Bible teaches, how should you respond when people gossip about you?

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