I have found a gem of a book that I can’t wait to share with you.

How do you feel about your home? Is it a place of rest, calm, and rejuvenation? Or do you think of clutter, stress, and laundry piles?

If your feelings lean more toward the clutter and laundry piles, keep reading.

The book is Creating Success at Home by Sharon Hines of Mrs. Hines Class website.

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I started reading this book expecting to just glance through a few pages, and I was immediately sucked in. (I mean that in a good way.) Before I knew it, half an hour had gone by and I had read 30 pages.

I enjoying decorating and want to make my home an inviting place. Maybe I should say, I enjoy the concept of making my home and warm, welcoming place. The last few years have been challenging with our kids with special needs, and I haven’t done as much inviting in as I would like. Decorating is more about patching holes in the walls than setting out the fine china.

I wasn’t sure if the suggestions in this book would apply to me and a family situation like mine, but I was happily surprised. Much of what she suggests is doable, no matter your life situation.

Check out the sections of the book:

Creating Success at Home

Sharon has been kind enough to offer a free sample chapter to you, The Holy Mess readers. You can download it here by clicking on this picture:

Sample Chapter|Creating Success at Home

If you decide to purchase her book, you will also receive this helpful Printable Tool Kit as a bonus.

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Click here to purchase Creating Success at Home.

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