Have you ever said to yourself, “I would love to eat better. If someone would prepare healthy food and put it in front of me, I would totally eat it.”

I’ve said that a number of times. Healthy eating requires time for planning, prep, and shopping.

When I was contacted by Diet-to-Go with a sample of their meals to try, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

All my meals prepared for me for a few days, and all healthy and low in calories? I’m in!

Diet to Go supplied me with 3 days of meals from their Balance program, to review free of charge. All opinions expressed in this post are mine alone.

Diet to Go meal company provides simplified weight loss with chef prepared, fresh meals for you to reheat and eat. Menus can be modified to your preferences and are calorie balanced for weight loss.

Is Diet to Go right for you? Keep reading to find out.

Is diet to go right for you?

diettogo logoWhat is Diet-to-Go?

Here’s more information about the meals from Diet to Go:

  • The most inexpensive fresh diet delivery service on the market
  • Recently rated #1 diet delivery company by Epicurious.
  • There are no cancellation fees or gimmick pricing. There is no commitment or contract, and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Unique menus (Balance, Balance-D for diabetics, Vegetarian, and Carb 30) to choose from
  • According to a University of Washington study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, high-quality, healthy foods cost on average $18.16 per 1,000 calories – just for the ingredients. And, everything you need is included. No shopping, no complicated recipes, and no messy clean-up – It’s like having your own personal chef. Best of all, it may be less expensive than trying to do it on your own.

When using the Diet to Go system, you start with choosing one of their 4 meal plans:

  • Balance (healthy, low calorie meals)
  • Balance-D (diet-friendly meals especially for diabetics)
  • Vegetarian
  • Carb 30 (similar to Aktins, a low carb alternative)

Begin by ordering on the Diet to Go website or calling the 1-800 number. You will be able to choose the meal plan you prefer. I chose Balance. The program adjusts for your height, weight, delivery location, and food preferences.


My shipment arrived promply and I was pleasantly surprised to find a huge box on my front porch with meals packaged with ice.

Diet to Go

Diet to Go meals are not frozen and come packaged with ice.

Diet to Go meals come packaged with instructions. Eat any meals you like in any order, choosing 3 per day. For weight loss, snacks should be limited to 100 calorie (or fewer) options. Meals last in the fridge for 7 days or can be frozen, and each one takes 1-2 minutes to reheat in the microwave.

Diet to Go instructions

Diet to Go Review

These bracelets are included to help remind you of your goals.

The meal plans include plenty of options, like Cheese Omelet with vegetables, Chicken Fajitas, and Salmon with broccoli.

When the shipment first arrived, I have to admit some of the food did not look especially tempting. To think this would be all anyone would eat for a whole week? I wasn’t overly thrilled with the idea of eating all my food from little packaged cartons.

And, it didn’t look like a lot of food. (What can I say, I’m a volume eater.)

Diet to Go

I appreciated that the meals didn’t have any strange ingredients or preservatives, and each one had plenty of protein.

Diet to Go

How do Diet to Go Meals Taste?

I was really pleased with just how good the meals tasted. They were seasoned without being overly so and had a lot more flavor that I would have guessed at first. I would have no problem eating these meals on a regular basis.

The meals were quite filling. I wasn’t hungry between meals which is unusual for me. I usually snack a LOT (too much). This was a great reminder that I need to increase my protein from meals throughout the day.

Diet to go

These apple pancakes and turkey sausage were really tasty. I was surprised to see Diet to Go include vegetables with several breakfasts – which I think is great, but some people might find a little weird.

Vegetable Omelet, diet to go

Cheese omelet with vegetables, Diet to Go breakfast.


Is Diet-to-Go expensive?

Diet to go is not inexpensive but it is reasonable for the meals you are provided. Cost for the program varies somewhat depending on how many meals you purchase, the meal plan type, and shipping in your area.

Here is one cost estimate I was given using the online calculator.

Click on this link to receive a 10% off coupon with your order. 10% off Diet to Go: Diet-to-Go


Is Diet to Go Right for You?|The Holy Mess



Once you place your order, you will be instructed on how to customize your meal plan for your specific preferences.


Is Diet-to-Go Right for You?

Diet to Go is a great option for simple healthy eating and weight loss.

If you are single or need meals just for you (for example, healthy breakfast and lunch options), this is a great alternative.

If you eat vegetarian or low-carb while the rest of your family doesn’t, this is a good choice for you, too.

I used the meals throughout my week and ate what my family was eating for dinner on nights we ate together. I prefer to eat what my family is eating for our evening meal. The meals were great to have on hand for breakfast, lunch, and any dinners where we were each making our own meal (hello, left-overs night) or the rest of my family was out with activities for the evening.

These meals are also helpful if you are careful about unusual ingredients or have food allergies. You won’t find strange ingredients here.

New research about weight loss is indicating that less variety helps with success. Removing the cooking process (with all the nibbles and bites) and grocery shopping (where I end up buying junk food) helps, too.

Will you lose weight with Diet to Go? Yes, if you stick to the calorie plan as indicated without eating too many additional snacks.


Would I recommend Diet to Go Meals?

Final answer: Maybe.

The meals are tasty (more than I expected) and nutritionally balanced.

You can achieve the same result with frozen meals for about half the cost, but the quality won’t be quite as good. You might also end up with more sodium and strange ingredients.

This program cannot be beat for ease. There is no prep and not much to think about. Pick out a meal and go.

Find out more at the Diet-to-Go website.

Have you tried Diet to Go? Would you recommend it?


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Is Diet to Go Right for You?|The Holy Mess

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