Do you have the tools you need for weight loss success? Weight loss is tough stuff. I’ve always said that if I’m going to really go for it when it comes to my weight loss journey, there are 2 things I do. One is I use what research has proven works, and the other is I use tools for the job to help me maximize my success. I’m willing to invest money in what I need to support my efforts. Here are 25 helpful tools for your weight loss goals.25 Tools for Your Weight Loss Goals|The Holy Mess

Having the right tool for the job sounds like a cliche, but we’ve all been in a situation where we didn’t have the right tool and the job took 10 times as long. I’m thinking of the time I attempted to screw a screw into the bedroom wall with my credit card, breaking my card AND not getting the screw into the wall. A 5 minute job cost me a couple hours since I had to order a new card, plus I still had to go and hunt down the screwdriver I was looking for…

Below are 25 helpful tools to support you with your weight loss efforts. Of course above all your success will come from your own healthy eating and physical activity, but these extra resources are a great way to make the job easier. All of the items listed below are less than $30, and many are less than $10. For a small investment, you can take strong steps toward your goals.

As someone who has lost 100 pounds, I know the journey isn’t an easy one, but I also know it’s possible. You can do it!Sara Before and After

Also note this list does not include fitness trackers such as a FitBit. I have a separate post for those. Check it out here: The Best Fitness Tracker for You

25 Helpful Tools for Your Weight Loss Goals

Smart Diet Control Portion Containers Kit 7 Piece – $6.99

5000g Digital Kitchen/Food Scale – $13.99

The Adult Portion Plate – Food – $12.97

Hydr-8 Water Bottle – Time Marked Air Insulated 32 Ounce Mug – $16.99

Meal Prep Haven 3 Compartment Food Containers with Airtight Lid, Set of 14 – $24.95

Accu-Measure Fitness 3000 Personal Body Fat Caliper Measurement Tool – $5.84

Meal Measure 1 Portion Control Tool – $8.67

Zak! Designs HydraTrak Bottle with Mixer Ball and Chug Lid – $11.99

Tools4Wisdom Planner Calendar – $19.77

The Workout Log – $9.11

Extreme Pak Pink 18″ Sport Duffle Bag – $17.64

3DActive Small Walking 3D Pedometer Activity Fitness Tracker with Clip and Lanyard – $12.99

GymPad Mini Workout Journal – $11.99

Swig Savvy Bottles 18 oz Triton Water Bottle Eco Friendly & BPA-Free Leak Free One-Click Flip Top – $14.99

Health o meter Digital Measuring Tape, Accurately Measures 8 Body Part Circumferences – $14.64

Fitlosophy Fitbook: Fitness and Nutrition Journal – $22.95

Kinzi Precision Digital Bathroom Scale w/ Extra Large Lighted Display – $26.99

The CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter 2017: Pocket-Size Edition – $6.94

Workout Journal (Diary, Notebook, Fitness) – $11.99

Portion Perfect Premium Meal Prep Containers, Set of 5 – $14.95

BlenderBottle ProStak System with 22-Ounce Bottle and Twist n’ Lock Storage – $10.75

Daily Food Journal – $6.44

Diet & Fitness Journal: Your Personal Guide to Optimum Health – $9.71

Portion Control Plate – $17.95

BookFactory Food Journal – $6.99

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