After parenting for years to many children (biological, foster, special needs, and adopted), one of the things I’ve learned is that kids do better with routine. Kids also behave more appropriately when they know what’s coming next. This Kid’s Weekly Planner free printable will help you show kids the week’s activities at a glance. It’s also helpful for us as parents, too, to keep track of all the many activities going on in family life.

Kid's Weekly Planner Free Printable

When you help your kids organize their routine, you are teaching a valuable life skill they will use for years to come and into adulthood.

This planner works best when you print one copy per child, but if that’s too confusing you can list siblings all together on one family chart.

Consider giving kids a small treat or reward if they complete all the boxes for the week. (Check out this Kid’s Treat Jar as one possible way to do that.)

Younger children can draw a picture or write a simple word in each box. I suggest filling out the weekly plan together every Sunday evening and posting it in a visible location.

Categories include:

  • Schedules and activities – write down any weekly lessons, doctor appointments, or specific plans
  • Homework – as much as you know in advance, write out homework assignments
  • Chores – what is expected to be completed each day
  • A little bit about my day – here kids get the chance to practice reflecting and journaling about how the day went.

Kid’s Weekly Planner Free Printable

Click below to download your Kid’s Weekly Planner Free Printable.



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Kid's Weekly Planner Free Printable


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