Motivate a Family to Fitness

How to motivate a family to fitness? Our family is working on healthy eating and fitness goals. Let’s just say it’s not been all sunshine and roses. We’ve struggled to get started. We’ve struggled to keep going.

Our family signed up for the Faithful Finish Lines program together and we set out to accomplish this as a family. Our goal is to walk a 5K together on December 20th. Being the grand to-do list master, I got us hooked up with the plans and posted them on our kitchen cabinet:

Faithful Finish Lines

walking 5K plans

Then the weather here in Colorado looked like this:

Colorado weather

It wasn’t just snow. It was below zero all week and slippery. Walking outside was not an option.

We were determined. One afternoon we went to a church event early and walked circles in the church hallways. One kid *cough six year old cough* wailed the entire time and protested moving his body in any way. Pleasantness. Another day we decided to bundle up and brave the elements.

Paul in snow

Borgstedes in snow

Borgstedes attempting 5K training in 18 degree weather. This is dedication.

Clean eating has presented continual challenges as well. Some of the kids have jumped right on board with the idea and want to embrace it. Others *cough 10 year old cough* are fighting tooth and nail for every last sugary treat that is available at church, school, parties, and 50,000 other places it feels like I’ve had to say no to junk food in the last few weeks.

We’ve had to take a step back and regroup. I’ve been considering what motivates me and what is motivating others in the Faithful Finish Lines group.

Faithful Finish Lines

The Faithful Finish Lines Beta Group is currently going through a test of the 7 week online faith and fitness program and they are doing a fantastic job! This FFL group is absolutely rocking out this challenge and having amazing success! Each week they receive 4 emails from me, and they are part of a private community group on Facebook. We have live chats on Sunday evenings. Every week also has a different topic and a different eating focus. All of us have now chosen a goal we plan to accomplish and we are training for our goals. Goals for individual members include all types of 5Ks, a 10K and a 1/2 marathon, swimming a 1/2 mile, a treading water challenge, 100 pushups and sit ups, a Tri @ the Gym, and walking steps challenges. This is awesome stuff! Here is a list of the group’s individual fitness goals: Faithful Finish Lines Member Events

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Our next Faithful Finish Lines program will be January 5-February 21st, 2015. I hope you will consider joining us for this amazing opportunity! More details to come soon!

How to Motivate a Family to Fitness

  1. Each person needs to be invested in choosing his or her own goals.
  2. Each of us needs to understand the benefits and reasons for making healthy choices.

No matter how young or old, no one likes to be told what to choose for his or her goals. Mike and I have the responsibility to help our kids move toward fitness and healthy eating, but we have to give our kids ownership in choosing goals and how to reach for them. Then we are here to help our kids reach their goals.

We as parents also needed to spend more time talking to our kids about WHY we desire fitness and healthy eating choices for our family and the benefits when we make these choices. This is tough when the reward of a doughnut is right in front of us, and feeling good feels far away and distant. We’ll keep up the conversations, though.

What do you do to motivate your family toward fitness and healthy eating? Share your ideas with me! Do you reward your kids for making healthy choices or have you found other strategies that work?