When you held your child a little baby in your arms, did you ever have someone say to you, “Oh, she is sweet now, but just wait until the teen years!” When people said that to me as a young mom,  I cringed a little. Parenting a baby and then a toddler was hard enough. I didn’t want to wait in dread for the teen years!

As a mom of teens and pre-teens, allow me to reassure you. The teenage years are challenging, but they are not to be dreaded. My husband and I have 5 children through birth and special needs adoption, and we were foster parents to 35 foster children. I’ve done plenty of parenting.Tween Parenting: How to Be Firm Without Being Too Strict|The Holy Mess

I love parenting tweens and teenagers for so many reasons. One of your greatest joys will be watching your hard work come to fruition as your children mature into amazing young adults with whom you enjoy spending time.

These pre-teen years are an important bridge to the teen years. Here are 3 tips to be firm but not too strict.

Whether you find these ideas overwhelming or a relief, don’t lose heart. Parenting is not about perfection. These 3 tips will help you define a relationship with your child that will carry you through some of the more challenging aspects of the teen years and into a lasting relationship to come.

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Tween Parenting: 3 Tips to Give Structure Without Being Too Strict


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What strategies have you found most helpful in parenting your pre-teen?

Parents of Tweens: How to Be Firm But Not Too Strict