Someday We Will Recaulk the Bathtub|The Holy MessAugust 17, 2015

My husband and I, we forget sometimes that we can’t do the fun, exciting things we did before we had children.

Like recaulk the bathtub.

We are going through one of those everything-in-the-whole-ever-loving-house-is-breaking-down phases.

The dryer is broken. The part that my husband ordered rush-ship on Amazon, spent a whole evening working to replace…didn’t fix the problem. Drat. The laundry of 7 people has been sitting in piles. It’s possible the cat peed on one of the piles but I’m not even going to discuss that issue. It’s too hard to type cat-angry.

The back mini-van window blew out during a wind and hail storm and needs to be replaced. Why? Because these are the weird things that happen during one of these ever-loving-everything-breaks down phases. It’s never anything easy.

For months now my husband has been meaning to get to re-caulking the main bathroom toilet because we have little boys who do not aim well when they pee. After awhile, there is just no cleaning this disaster. Recauking the whole blessed bathroom is in order. The bathtub should have required a hazmat suit for the pink and black mold growing. You get the picture.

So, today is Saturday.

My husband is in his holey jeans, flannel button down and t-shirt. His classic I WILL get chores done today uniform.

He has the caulk. He has the caulk gun. He even seems a bit cheerful in that man-determined kind of way.

I don’t need to spell out for you the full details, but I’m sure you can picture it. Child number one melts down. Child number two freaks out. Things spill. Things break.

Teenagers flee to places unknown. Children cry. I cry.

The caulk gun sits on the bathroom floor looking forlorn. Or perhaps it’s enjoying its nap.

“Good Lord, can I please just not caulk the bathtub?!” my husband finally yells throughout the whole house sometime in the late afternoon.

No one seems to listen.

No, it appears you cannot. Such fun adventures are reserved for the days before we had children. I remember them fondly.

May 10, 2016

We recaulked the bathtub.

Yes, yes we did. We are moving, you see, and it’s amazing the chores that become accomplished when your house is going up on the market.

Children were bribed. Endless hours of T.V. and ipad time were allowed unchecked. Junk food was eaten in vast quantities.

Pounding and clattering could be heard well into the evening and night-time hours.

The house looks amazing — even the bathrooms.

Our new house owners will enjoy a sparkling cleaned and caulked bathtub. I hope you appreciate it, new owner.

Great sacrifices were made on your behalf.

Someday We Will Recaulk the Bathtub|The Holy Mess