Someone you love is overweight.

This is a tough topic, you guys.

When someone you love is overweight, you think about discussing this topic yet are afraid to touch it for fear of approaching it the wrong way. Maybe you’ve tried to talk about it in the past and done damage to the relationship. It might be the white elephant in the room — you both know it’s there, but it does not get discussed.

For most of my life, I had weight issues. Ten years ago, I lost 100 pounds and I’ve been maintaining my weight loss since then. I’ve been a compulsive overeater, a binge eater, a compulsive exerciser and an obsessive dieter. (You can read my complete weight loss story at my 100 lbs lost blog series here.)

I understand the sensitivity of this topic. My husband and I have navigated through some tough conversations. At times it hasn’t gone well, and for many years we avoided talking about my food issues. Yet he has also been my biggest encourager and continues to support my efforts.

More people in America are overweight than ever before, and this is not okay. You have to get real about your weight issues, because unhealthy food, too much food, and lack of physical activity will kill you, and being overweight is dangerous for your loved ones. Billboards show models who are ridiculously anorexic-thin, yet the advertisement next to it shows a Big Mac and large fries that is a whole days worth of calories in one meal. This makes no sense whatsoever.

When it comes to food and weight issues, American culture obsesses about some things that do not matter much, and is in blind denial about others that are critically important.

This topic isn’t easy, and you are surrounded by a culture that is giving you mixed and wrong messages. You might be starting to feel like this is going to be impossible, but take heart.

Challenges with food and overweight are not easy, but they are not impossible to overcome! I am living proof that it IS possible.

It’s important that before you attempt to talk to someone you love about her weight issues, first you check your own heart, which will be the next blog post in this series. Then, you need to be prepared with Dos and Don’ts, and a plan for how to guide these conversations. Finally, you will learn how to set the stage for success by creating an environment that makes healthy changes and an ongoing healthy lifestyle more natural.

**One final, important note: If you are a parent, and the person who is overweight is your child, this is a very different conversation. I am not a doctor and am not offering medical advice. Always seek the advice of your health professional.

As the parent, it is your responsibility to care for the health of your child. If your child is overweight, this is a problem you need to work toward correcting. You bring the food into the house. You control your child’s schedule. I know this is tough, but NOW is the time. Stop making excuses. Get an appointment with your child’s doctor and set up a plan to work together as a team to head in the right direction to bring your child to a healthier place.

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