Summer is here! As a mom, summer brings me joy and challenge.


I love spending summer with my kids. The schedule is more relaxed, days are longer, and we don’t have to rush quite as much to fit in homework, activities, and early bedtime.

Yet summer also brings challenges. Our kids need a strict schedule in order to behave at their best, and I find a push-pull going on to keep up a routine.

We easily slip into watching too much TV or playing computer games when the days are long and hot and (let’s face it) I have work to get done.

Enter the Summer Bucket List for Kids.

This is for the kids, but honestly it’s for me, too. I want to enjoy my summer with my children because the days are long, but the years are short.

A list like this one pulls me out of every day ho-hum and into fun summer days that will create a lifetime of memories.

Summer Bucket List for Kids


Tips for Using a Summer Bucket List for Kids

Are you ready to get started with your Summer Bucket List for Kids? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Remember the whole point is to have FUN. Don’t get stressed out about marking off every activity on the list or making this into another chore.
  • For random acts of kindness, check out The Military Wife’s Random Acts of Kindness for Kids Cards. I so love these.
  • What are Story Stones? Story stones are simple stones with pictures that kids can put together to form a story. Tell or write stories with Story Stones.

  • These Bible Story Stones are totally adorable and a wonderful way to teach kids Bible stories.
  • Here is a link about how to make your own story stones:

Homemade Story Stones

  • These are kits (not too expensive) for making a bird feeder with kids. Also check out your local Home Depot  or Lowes, which often have classes for kids that including making a bird feeder.

  • Here are suncatchers you can make.
  • This is a helpful kit of Origami for Kids.
  • Here is information about how to write a letter to a soldier. Kids can use construction paper and stickers (please no foam or glitter) and a soldier might even write back! There is a great need for letters from both children and adults: Operation Gratitude


Summer Bucket List for Kids Free Printable

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What are your plans with your kids this summer?Summer Bucket List for Kids Free Printable

Summer Bucket List for Kids

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