What being a foster parent is really like

My years as a foster mom were some of the toughest, yet also most rewarding, years of my life. I had the opportunity for an interview by Taylor of Taylor Talks, for her Foster Parent Friday Series. Will you please come check out the interview? Find out what being a foster parent is REALLY like.

Click here to read the Taylor Talks interview.

I love Taylor’s blog! Taylor’s family has been doing foster care since she was three years old. She’s the only biological child in her family, though she now has five permanent siblings. She says having nineteen siblings over the past eighteen years has been an incredible experience, and she hopes that by sharing some of the ups and downs of being the only bio kid in a foster family, other foster families or people looking into doing foster care will be able to learn a bit of what life can be like. She also likes to share what life is like on her journey to becoming a published author, as well as where her schooling and career choice are taking her. Click here to check out Taylor’s full blog.

What Being a Foster Parent is Really Like

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