Now that you have your new blog all set up and ready to go, it’s time to begin filling it with content, but where do you begin? Getting starting can feel a bit overwhelming and intimidating but all you really need are a few good ideas to help get those creative juices flowing. Here’s what to write about on your new blog.
What to Write About on Your New Blog

What Should I Write?

The best way to have a successful blog is to fill it with meaningful, interesting content.

You might feel like everything in your niche has already been said, but I’ve been amazingly surprised that some of my posts with the most basic ideas are the ones that are the most popular. What seems obvious to you is not obvious to someone who is not deeply into your subject.

I recommend you don’t make your website public until you have 5-10 posts written. You can either publish them all first (giving your readers materials to browse through), or have them finished and ready to publish on a schedule.

Consider creating a editorial calendar that takes readers through material that delves into your subject matter. For example, if you will be creating a website about baking, you could write a series about the basics of measuring, the best products to use, and classic recipes. Then, you can create additional posts as you make new recipes to share.

I have a blogging calendar where I plan ahead for posts throughout the year. I plan posts that center around holidays and themes that are popular during the month, such as summer fun in June and back to school topics in the September.

I also keep a running list of ideas for blog posts I want to write and it’s organized by category. I keep ideas for parenting, faith, adoption, and recipes.

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Here are a few more blog suggestions to help you get started:

  • Focus on your niche. Your content should be reverent to your niche so think about what you would want to see if you were visiting your blog. For example, what information would you find interesting and beneficial?
  • Check out competitor sites. Viewing other blogs in your niche is very inspirational. It will give you an idea of what topics get the most views and comments, which will help you come up with ideas.
  • Brainstorm topics. Set down with a note pad and paper in a quiet room and start thinking about your niche. Write down anything that comes to mind no matter how good or bad you think the idea may be. Keep writing until you run out of ideas.
  • Sort through your ideas. Go down the list and separate your ideas into these three categories: Great, good and maybe. For your first post, pick a topic from the great ideas category and you’re ready to get started.

A Word about Your Blog Niche

One of the top bits of blogging advice you will ever read is to choose a niche for your blog and stick to it. If you are a blogger who writes about how to repair cars and then you post a recipe, your readers will be confused and you lose some authority in your field.

This advice makes sense and is, for the most part, true.

Some of the most popular, successful blogs are those that are very niche-specific. Remember, even if your hobby or area of interest is small, the internet makes it so that you can draw readers from literally all over the world. Tight, super-specific websites tend to do very well. Your audience might not be huge but they will be loyal because you are providing very specific information that they need.

On the other hand, this is advice that can be broken. I write about a variety of topics on my website – faith, fitness, weight loss, parenting, organization, adoption, recipes, and more. Each topic falls under the wider umbrella topics of faith, family, and fitness.

There are many lifestyle bloggers where writers blog about their style, fashion, recipes, travel, or photos of their daily lives. A blog for single parents could include parenting advice, dating tips, and work-related topics, all while keeping in line with the single parent niche.

Readers come to a blog to get information from a personal perspective, so blogging is about relationships. While there are some blogs that are purely informational, most blogs include some aspects of your life and personality.

Now that you have your topic ideas, it’s time to get to work. Create your rough drafts, edit, then publish your posts to your new blog.

The world is waiting to hear what you have to say.

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