After getting your blog up and running, your next goal is to draw in the readers. With so many blogs online, many new bloggers have trouble drawing in the traffic. You have to stand out from the crowd if you want to be noticed, and most important offer your readers value. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to learn how to get people to read your new blog.

How to Get People to Read Your New Blog

Why People Read Blogs

People read any website because it provides something for them, and your blog will be no different.

People read blogs for two reasons – value and relationship. When you provide either of these, you’ll see success. When you offer both, your blog will take off.

Offer your readers value.

Think carefully about not just about who is in your target audience, but even deeper, what are their deepest needs or pain points. When you write blogs that address those needs, you’ll have no problem finding and keeping readers.

Providing value can be helpful information, tips, motivation, inspiration, faith encouragement, recipes, or even humor and entertainment.

Offer your readers relationship.

Most any information these days can be gained by simply going to Google. (And how great when your posts is one of the top ones that pops up for new readers!) Readers come to blogs for more than simply information or they would find it on Wikipedia. Blogs are about relationship.

Your readers want to know you are someone to be trusted. We live in an information-saturated world. Why should readers trust you when it comes to your topic? Prove it by sharing your story, your credentials, or your years of experience with your hobby.

Your readers want to hear your voice. Write with your own personal style and don’t be afraid of allowing your unique character traits to shine. Offer highly valuable information, but have fun with it. We are all a bit overwhelmed and tired most of the time – who doesn’t enjoy a laugh now and again? Entertain us while you are informing. (If you are a serious person, don’t feel like you need to fake humor in order to get readers. Be you, but allow us to see that sparkle of you shining out.)

Be willing to show a few flaws because that makes you human and relatable. Share your mis-steps and how you overcome them. Be someone who walks along side us, not preaches from a lofty position that we can’t relate to.

Talk with us, not at us. Let us become a part of your story.

Some of my most popular blog posts are those were I draw readers into the story so they feel like they are walking alongside me as I experience something. Here are a couple examples:

For the Mom at the Slide: When Parenting is Frighteningly Hard

The Downward Spiral of My Son’s Behavior

Other posts are super popular because they offer real value. Here are some examples:

A Healthy, Realistic Family Eating Plan

How to Do a House Blessing

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How to Get People to Read Your New Blog

In our busy, information-packed world, the truth is that you need to sell it. Even if you aren’t selling anything on your website, you are selling the fact that readers should take their valuable time to read your words. Explain the value and also draw us in so we want to to read more.

Make sure people can find your blog. Don’t be shy about sharing your blog with the world, and share often. The world is a fast scroll of information. To get your blog out there, you can’t just share once. Share a variety of places and plan to share the same blog posts more than once. While you don’t want to seem spammy, because of social media algorithms, there’s nothing wrong with sharing more than once.

I understand that you don’t want to come across as annoying but if you believe in what you are writing (which you certainly should – otherwise why write it?), you are not being annoying but rather, meeting a need. Remember, no one else will ever care about your blog as much as you do.

Sharing on social media can get a bit overwhelming so there are tools created to make this easier. Programs like Buffer allow you to schedule social media posts to be published on a scheduled basis. I use both Board Booster and Tailwind to post to Pinterest for me. (By the way, Pinterest continues to be one of my biggest traffic sources. If you aren’t using Pinterest, you are missing out!)

Here are other tips for how to get readers to come to your new blog:

  • Advertise your blog. Tell everyone you encounter about your blog and invite them to visit. Place links in your social media content, emails, newsletters and anywhere else that’s appropriate. You can pay for advertising, too. Facebook allows you to boost a post for as little as $5.
  • Use social media. There’s just no question that Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, You Tube, and Stumble Upon are the friend of bloggers. Don’t try to use them all at first. Choose one or two as your focus, then once you have those mastered you can add more accounts later. You’ll have far more success by being great at one type of social media, then dabbling in them all with limited success.
  • Make it SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. Users can’t visit your blog if they can’t find you so making your site SEO friendly is a must. Include keywords relating to your niche in all of your content, including your About Page and in your domain name if possible.
  • Use catchy, engaging headlines and images in your posts. You need to capture the reader’s attention right from the start or they won’t stick around so your headlines carry a lot of weight.
  • Create interesting posts that offers readers something of value. How to, number lists and instructional posts are very popular blog posts.
  • Encourage your current viewers to share your content. The best way to do this is by creating interesting content that offers something of value and then by making it easy for users to share with others. Include share buttons at the top and bottom of every post.
  • Be consistent with your posting. If your followers expect to see new content on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, don’t disappoint them or they just may look for someone else to follow who is consistent. Blogging consistently is much more important than attempting to blog too often and getting overwhelmed. I recommend starting with 1-2 posts per week, and you can always increase if you feel able.
  • Create an email list. Your readers become your go-to people who are happy to read your information. Email your subscribers once or twice a week and let them know the new blog posts you’ve written.
  • Partner with other bloggers. There are many wonderful Facebook groups where you can partner with other bloggers and agree to share each other’s content. This especially works when you find writers who are in the same niche as you. This can be time consuming but it’s a great way to get new readers, especially in the beginning.

These tips will help you entice readers to visit your blog and encourage them to keep coming back.

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