Use this printable 25 Days of Christmas Activities to be intentional about enjoying meaningful family time in December this year.Christmas Activities for Families

I love Christmas and the holidays, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the business of the season. Before I know it, I turn around and it’s just a few days until Christmas, and I haven’t finished wrapping gifts, let alone made cookies with the kids. Suddenly I’m wondering, “Where did the time go?”

On December 26, instead of feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, feel good that you’ve spent quality time with your family.

Best of all, this printable calendar is FREE for you to access it immediately without cost, plus most of the activities are free or cost very little.

25 Days of Fun Christmas Activities

Here are 25 activities to do every day with your family during the month of December.

  1. Have a winter game night.
  2. Drink egg nog.
  3. Build a gingerbread house.
  4. DIY a gift.
  5. Read a Christmas story.
  6. Put on a Nutcracker play.
  7. Build a snowman. (No snow? Click here.)
  8. Make hot cocoa.
  9. Snowball fight! (No snow? Click here.)
  10. Lick candy canes.
  11. Build a fort.
  12. Watch Christmas movies.
  13. Volunteer.
  14. Make soup.
  15. Go sledding. (No snow? Click here.)
  16. Have a Christmas Karaoke.
  17. Draw a reindeer.
  18. Donate a care package.
  19. Make a wreath.
  20. Bake Christmas cookies.
  21. Drive around and look at lights.
  22. Camp in the living room.
  23. Go caroling.
  24. Go ice skating.
  25. Celebrate Christmas!

25 Days of Fun Christmas Activities – Free PDF Printable List

25 days of Christmas family activities calendar

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How does your family spend time together during the busy holiday season?

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Holiday Activities for Families in December