Are you looking for ways to avoid holiday weight gain while still enjoying the treats of the season? Read on for 3 simple yet effective ways to make sure you stay on track with your healthy eating and weight loss goals through the end of this year.Avoid Holiday Weight Gain - 3 simple ways

If you are like me, the holidays are wonderful, fun time with family (Christmas with 5 kids! Awesome!), but also a challenging season. The days are exhausting with so much to do.

Workouts and healthy food plans fall by the wayside. Plus there are Christmas parties, holiday baking, church events and more.

This year with the quarantine, the holidays might look different but there will still be food temptations. How will you get through the season without gaining weight?

Here are 3 easy yet highly effective ways to avoid adding pounds during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holidays.

Encouragement to End Holiday Overeating

As someone who is maintaining a 100 lb weight loss, let me give you two encouragements:

  • Healthy habits get easier with practice. The holidays used to be a total land-mine of weight gain for me. Even after I had lost weight, I pretty much went into a tailspin of overeating from the end of November through January. But each year has gotten a little better as I’ve learned what works for me. Try new strategies during this season and find what works well for you to build your own toolkit of healthy habits.
  • Something is better than nothing. In our Faithful Finish Lines 2.0 membership, we often talk about focusing on one small change at a time. Please don’t think, “Oh, what’s one more,” or “There’s no point in working out for 10 minutes.” Every little healthy choice counts.

3 Holiday Eating Tips to Prevent Weight Gain

Yes, the holidays are a time of food temptations, but that doesn’t mean you have to gain weight. Many Americans gain 3-5 pounds during the holiday season. Make sure you keep your weight the same, or even lose a pound or two, with these strategies.

  1. Sit down to eat the cookie dough (or the cookies, or the candy). Go ahead and laugh at me on this one, but truth time. I love raw cookie dough. I used to eat so much I felt sick. Now, I tell myself I can have some, but I have to sit down to eat it. How much raw cookie dough or other cooking bites do you consume standing at the kitchen counter, while baking, and basically pretending you aren’t really eating it? The reason why keeping a food log (or tracking what you eat on an app like My Fitness Pal or WW) works for weight loss is because it makes you aware of your choices. Stop Holiday Eating Tip #1|Only Eat Cookie Dough While Sitting Down
  2. Have a new party strategy. Check out this post for the full details of how to create a party strategy. The concept is this: Do parties and get-togethers make you a little nervous? You aren’t the only one. Plan to find one person at the event who needs a friend. Who needs a listening ear or maybe just someone so they don’t feel so alone at this gathering? You be that person! I’ve been going into parties and get-togethers with this mind-set for several years now, and it’s been amazing. I’ve met some of the best people, I don’t feel as nervous, and most of the time I don’t even think about the food.Stop Holiday Overeating Tip #2|Find someone at parties who needs a friend. You'll be too busy to overeat!
  3. Add in 5 minutes of movement a day. Make a plan to create 5 minutes of additional fitness or movement activity into your day, every day, for the next week. Set an alarm on your smartphones for 5 minutes at noon every day this week. Try crunches, yoga poses, stretching at your desk, walking stairs, or a short walk outside. Done every day, that’s 35 minutes for the week or a whole extra workout. Not only will you burn off some excess calories, you will do less overeating because a daily, consistent reminder in the middle of your day will improve your healthy mindset.Stop Holiday Overeating Tip #3|Set an alarm on your phone for 5 minutes of extra activity per day.

These easy techniques will help you stop holiday overeating and avoid gaining weight this year. Sit down to eat that cookie dough, focus on giving to someone else at holiday parties, and add in 5 minutes of intentional movement. See how much better you feel in January.

How do you avoid holiday weight gain? Share about it in the comments below.

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