What’s it like to maintain a 100 lb weight loss? What do you eat in a typical day? How much do you exercise?

Just like anyone else, my days vary, but this was a typical day last week. I’ve been maintaining my 100 lb weight loss for close to 10 years. I am currently tracking my food and exercise with the My Net Diary Ap (My Fitness Pal is another good one) on my smartphone. Some days I track calories and sometimes I don’t. When my weight is lower, I don’t. If I see my weight going a little on the higher side (I try to stay within a 5 lb range), I keep track again.

A Typical Day Maintaining a 100 lb Weight Loss

sara early morning workout 100 lb weight loss

5:15 wake up call for workouts!

5:15 am Alarm goes off. *groan* Remind myself it’s only the 10 seconds of getting out of bed that are really tough.

5:30 am. Workout #1 Head the the gym with my husband Mike for 30 minutes of ellipical and 30 minutes of weight lifting with free weights.

7:00 am. Breakfast.

1/3 cup old fashioned oatmeal, cooked with water

1 container chobani strawberry yogurt

1 tsp chia seeds

1 oz mixed nuts

8:30 walked kids to school but then fairly sedentary throughout morning, working at computer on blog and preparing for upcoming speeches.

Noon — Housework, ran errands.

1:00 Lunch.

1 bowl turkey veggie bean chili, homemade

1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese

1 small salad with various veggies, romaine, spinach

a few croutons

1 T light ranch dressing

1 full size Reeses peanut butter cup

Afternoon — more computer work, took 30 minute nap.

3:00 — kids home, housework, took Paul to piano lesson. Come home, start dinner, help with homework, manage chaos.

5:00 — Dinner

Bekah's apple pie pancakes

(Click here for one of Bekah’s pancake recipes.)

3 Bekah’s homemade pancake awesomeness — whole wheat banana.

1 T smart balance

2 T light syrup

4 slices ready-cook bacon

1/2 banana, strawberry slices.

6:45-8:00 Workout #2 – Tae Kwon Do Practice.

8:30 Home and get kids into bed. Attempt not to yell too much.

8:45 Snack 

String cheese


2 double stuff oreos

9:00-10:00 Veg reading a few blogs, get stuff ready for next day — lunches, formula for Zack, load dishwasher, workout clothes out, chat with Mike.

10:00 Bedtime for tired but content mom!

maintaining 100 lb weight loss

Approximate Calories eaten: 1,950.

Is my typical day what you expected? What does your typical day look like with eating and exercise?

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