I love learning new budget-friendly techniques for Bible journaling pages. That is why I am so excited to introduce our guest author Tiffany Taylor Johnson. Keep reading for simple methods to turn acrylic paint into beautiful pages in your Bible.

Bible Journaling: Getting Started with Acrylics (No paintbrush required)

Acrylic paint is one of the most versatile and cost-effective mediums to use in bible journaling.  You can pick up a bottle of craft type acrylic paint for under $1 each at most stores that sell craft supplies and it’s offered in a wide variety of colors.

I suggest starting with 2 to 4 colors that complement each other well. You (or your kids) may already have some at home from a previous craft project- so grab a few of your favorite colors and try out these fun journaling ideas!

Before you start, be sure you have a bible mat, piece of paper, or some sort of protective sheet under your page to keep the paint from getting on the pages underneath.


Plastic card swiping

Using an old gift card or credit card, dab some paint on the edge and swipe the card down your page for a splash of color. You can do this one color at a time or put 2 or 3 complementary colors on the card at the same time and spread them together for wider coverage and some blended color effects.

When applied with a card, the paint is in a thin layer that is usually transparent enough to see through but still provides a bright splash of color. It also dries really fast, which is great when you’re short on time (or patience- LOL).

This method can give you a beautifully colored background to journal on in a matter of minutes and it doesn’t bleed through, so no need to prep with gesso first. This is also a great way to get started for anyone who might be a bit intimidated by that blank page staring at them when they start to journal.

Have fun experimenting with different sized streaks of paint from little dabs to bold, wide streaks and different directional patterns for a variety of looks. This kit from Illustrated Faith contains all you need for the swiping method.


Smooshing (or the paper towel method) adds a fun textured look using your favorite colors and a few household items. Select 2 shades of a color or 2 similar colors (blue/turquoise, yellow/orange, etc.) and squirt a little of each onto your “palette”. (I typically use cheap paper plates for easy clean up.)

Crumple up a paper towel or napkin and smoosh it lightly in the paints, then blot or smoosh onto your page to fill in your background area. Repeat until you have the color and texture you like.

Cotton ball skies

Cotton balls not only look a little like clouds, but they make great tools to paint clouds or skies. Select 2-3 shades of blue &/or purple for your sky and white. If it’s a bright sunny day type sky, choose light-mid shades of blue or for a stormy sky- go for the mid- darker shades of blue and maybe a purple. Choosing more than one shade or color is part of what adds depth to the picture. Squirt out a little of each paint onto your plate (or “palette”).

Take a cotton ball and blot it into the paint, starting with your lighter shade, and then lightly blot onto the paper. You’re not looking for complete paint coverage. The texture of the cotton ball will leave some of the paper or other paint shades showing which is what you want to create a cloudy sky type look.

Once you’ve applied some of each color, adjust as needed adding darker or lighter “clouds” or sections of sky or mixing the colors together and adding a bit. Even in a dark stormy sky, you may want a touch of white or lighter color dabbed on to look like a little sun peaking through…

If you want to add lightning, simply dip a fine tip brush (or a q-tip) in your white paint and paint a few zig-zag type lines. If you want cheerful puffy clouds, dab on some extra white spots with your cotton ball.

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Have fun playing with these new creative techniques and trying new things. Get creative and look for other materials you could apply paint with to create different looks or textures. Most importantly, enjoy your time journaling, creating, and interacting with the Word.


Meet the Author

Tiffany is a Jesus loving wife & mom who loves spending time with her amazing husband and daughter. She works full time and also teaches dance fitness in local communities and churches. She fell in love with Bible journaling in 2017 and loves creating images in her Bible and sharing with others. You can check out her bible journaling pages on Instagram @tifsterj

Bible Journaling with Acrylics Author Pic

What is your favorite acrylic method? Tell us about it in the comments and visit us at The Holy Mess Bible Journaling Facebook Group to show us your creations.


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