Do you long to spend more time in God’s Word on a regular basis? Do you find yourself desiring to dig deeper into Scripture and come away with a better understanding of His plans for your life? The My Time in God’s Word printable Bible reading tracker will help you do exactly that.

I love studying the Bible and often find myself coming back to the same verses again and again. That’s not a bad thing! Many of these verses (such as these 7 verses for getting started with Bible journaling) are some of my favorites and ones I cling to during tough times in life.

Still, my goal is to read and understand all of God’s word, not just a few quick favorites. I ask you to challenge yourself to read all of God’s word to discover the hidden treasures, not just the same verses once again.

That’s why I got so excited when I saw the concept for the My Time in God’s Word Bible reading tracker and set out to create one of my own.

Using this tracker, you can keep a record of where you’ve spend time reading and be encouraged to explore new passages of scripture.

Use the color code to track how you spend time on a particular Bible passage. For example, your tracking might look like this:

  • Yellow – Personal devotions
  • Blue – Bible Journaling
  • Pink – Sermons and Worship
  • Purple – Small group Bible study

Make this personal for any ways you read God’s word on a regular basis, like a read-through-the-Bible in a year study plan, Bible verses in music, teaching prep time, classes, or any other ways you enjoy God’s verses of truth in your life.

My Time in God’s Word Printable Bible Reading Tracker

Get your My Time in God’s Word Printable Bible reading tracker now. This is a digital download so you can start using it immediately. (Note: You will not receive a physical product.)



How do you keep track of your time in God’s word?

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