Today was the last day of school. Next year I will have two kids in high school. I can’t figure out how they grow up so fast. I was teary eyed all the way home. I couldn’t help but think how desperately I want to steal them away and just slow down the clock. So this year we are doing just that. Road trip here we come! I am so excited for this year’s summer adventure, but I also want to bring my Bible journaling with me. If you are traveling this summer and can’t bear to leave your Bible art journaling behind, a mini-devo book is just what you need. Keep reading for The Holy Mess Bible journaling on the go ideas.

We all know that all you need for Bible journaling is a Bible and a pen. We say it’s all about Jesus and not the pretty supplies. Here is the ultimate test. While we travel this summer I have very limited space for supplies. With a mini devo kit all I need is my Bible app and a pen. The best way to get started making your own mini devotion kit is to start with a devotion kit.  I like these from Illustrated Faith. Pick your favorite theme, follow a few simple steps and you are ready to go.


Illustrated Faith Stronger Together Devotional Kit

Click here now to get your own Stronger Together devotional kit.

Stronger Together is the newest devotional kit and is awesome because it encourages us to:

  • honor others-speak words of kindness.
  • connect with friends-stick closer than a brother.
  • gather with family and friends-community matters.
  • combine our prayers with others-there’s strength in numbers.

Shanna Noel, creator of the kit, says, “Take time this month to thank God for all of the wonderful people in your life.”

I love the bold colors of this kit. The stamps are so fun and the die cuts have lots of options. My favorite part about this kit is the message. We are stronger together. Friendship is mighty and I am nothing without my clan.

Summer is here and this year we are kicking off the season with an epic road trip. One month of traveling and discovering the U.S. with my favorite people. Sounds awesome, right? I am keeping my mind set on the adventure and fun because when I think about all the details my head starts to spin. With five kids everything about my life is full: full heart, full mini van, full hotel room, full bladders, full hampers.

The Illustrated Faith devotional kit “Stronger Together” is just what I need on this adventure. It is designed to remind us what a blessing a full life can be and I am going to cherish these verses of togetherness on our journey.

Click here now to check out the Stronger Together devotional kit.

Check out our quick video sneak peek of what’s inside the kit.


Find a Bible Journaling Kit That’s Just Right for You

Perhaps your mini van isn’t full to bursting this summer. Fret not, there is an Illustrated Faith kit perfect for you.

Want to do some soul searching this summer… choose #goals
Need a big hug from your Heavenly Father… choose This is Love
Wanting a fresh start… select All Things New
Looking for motivation and inspiration… you need Only One You
Searching for peace and relaxation… Less Hustle More Jesus is for you

Any of these kits would make a perfect mini devotional book that matches the topics where you most want to meet with God in His Word.


Bible Journaling Mini Devo Tutorial

Check out this mini devo tutorial and learn how you can make your own travel book with just one Illustrated Faith devotional kit. Use for quick on-the-go Bible art journaling that is meaningful without having to haul all your supplies with you.


Bible Journaling Mini-Devo Page ideas

One Illustrated Faith kit makes an awesome mini-devo kit. If you are looking for a bit more, adding your own content is easy. Using scrapbook paper, cardstock or paint cards you can design your own unique pages. I glued some coloring book pages to the back of mine for extra on the go activities. I also found a plastic folder from this school year and used the pocket for sticker storage.

How to Pack a Travel Bible Journaling Kit

My plan to travel light has left me really scratching my head for supplies. Here are a few I found worth the space.

Stronger together and Vacay = perfect mix.  Leave it all behind and just take the Word.

Want to follow Jade on her roadtrip? Find her and her mini-devotional book on Instagram @journalingjade.

Have a trip planned this summer? Let us know about it at the Holy Mess Bible journaling Facebook group.


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