A Holy, Messy Love

Sometimes I look at the messes in my life and I think, “There is no way God can possibly use this aspect of my life for His good.” I’m talking about the sinful, disastrous stuff. The broken, ugly-crying-under-the-covers stuff I’m ashamed to list here. Perhaps you feel the same way about your messes.

What is A Holy, Messy Love?

Holy — set apart, sacred, given to God

Messy — untidy, dirty, confused and difficult to deal with

This week I’ve been pondering if a holy, perfect God — who is set apart in His perfect holiness, can use my messes at all. How can a mess BE holy when God demands perfection?

I remembered the Old Testament sacrifices God required. (See I Chronicles 29 as an example.) This was the slaughter of animals for the atonement of the peoples’ sins. I reflected on Jesus’ death on the cross. I thought of Jesus being born in a stable. These are examples of holy, messy love. Throughout history, God has not withdrawn from our messes.

How a Mess Is Holy

All aspects of our lives, no matter how small or mundane, are holy when given over to God. The only way to make a mess holy is to give it to God.

Through him then let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that acknowledge his name.

Hebrews 13:15

Today’s challenge: What is an area of life in which you don’t much consider God? Dedicating activity for God doesn’t mean quoting Bible verses or wearing a Christian t-shirt while you do it. It means honestly praying for God to use this area of your life for His glory and service. It means thinking about Him. The opportunities God might open for you for spiritual growth in this area are numerous.

Here are some possible examples: Fitness. Household chores. Commute time. Leisure activities. Hobbies. Time with friends. Your bedtime routine. A stressful job situation. A great job situation. A relationship.

What area of your life will you offer to God today –wide open, to be ready for His messy, holy love?

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