Make a decision right now:

Don’t do anything today to lose weight that you can’t do for a lifetime.

No weird crash diets, no drinking water with lemon juice for a week, no colon blow outs. There are no quick fixes to weight loss. If there were, there would be no overweight people. Make choices you can realistically stick with for the long haul.

Get a life. This is the best piece of weight loss and healthy eating advice out there! Get out and find something to do besides sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself and thinking about your weight and food.

You must stop waiting until you lose weight to do ______ or fantasizing about when you were thinner and fitter and you did ______. Now is the time for you to take a class, go back to school, be a ballet dancer, become a teacher, or whatever your dreams may be.

Stop using your weight as an excuse. I used my weight as a smokescreen. It was easier to blame my weight than admit I might be afraid to do something or face rejection. Everyone is scared to do things – including thin people. Everyone fears rejection – including thin people.

Do stuff anyway. Meet people anyway.

Now is the time to get over yourself. I used to be terrified I would be the heaviest person in the room or at the party. Okay, so what if you are? (Sometimes I was.) Go to the party anyway. You are the only one focused on it, so if you don’t worry about it, no one else will. This is your time to go out and be the amazing person God created you to be.

Start today. Choose today what you will choose for a lifetime.

How will today be part of the lifetime you’ve always wanted?

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Choose Today What You Will Choose for a Lifetime|The Holy Mess