Day #3, Monday

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View from Breckenridge Aid station.

breck aid station

Aid station — full breakfast and lunch. The Courage Classic knows how to throw a party.

At the Breckenridge Aid Station we had the option to turn around and head back to Copper or go up Hoosier Pass. I had decided in the morning I was not going to ride Hoosier Pass as I had originally planned (making the day 31 miles instead of 56 total). I admit I seriously debated it at the last minute. I was feeling great and I’ve never done that pass before, so I was itching to try it.

I stayed strong and I told myself, “no.” This is one area where I have grown as an athlete and a person. I have a hugely important week coming up with the She Speaks conference, and I need to be top notch to get as much out of it as possible. I know my recovery would take longer if I totally exhausted myself.

flowers in breck

Flowers along the way in Breckenridge.

The ride from Frisco to Copper is all uphill but absolutely gorgeous, so I decided to fully enjoy the last 10 miles of the Courage Classic 2014. I took the time to be thankful for a great ride, no injuries, a wonderful 3 days, and soak up the beauty around me. I kept my pace steady and even though I heard “on your left” about 50 times from other riders passing me, I didn’t let it get to me. I’m incredibly grateful I’m healthy enough to do this event. I stopped and took these photos.

bike trail from frisco to copper

Views along the way from Frisco to Copper.

Frisco to Copper bike trail.

finish line medal

Zack said, “You won, Mom, you won!”

Zack medal.

One of the volunteers saw how excited Zack was and gave him a medal of his own. He was beside himself. He kept saying, “I won! I won!” The Courage Classic has a super-cool finish because kids who have been patients at the hospital hand out medals at the finish line.finish line treats

Will bike for junk food.

courage classic 2014 medal

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