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When Your Child Get Rejected

The phone call came at the worst possible time.

I was in the middle of dealing with a behavior crisis at home when the phone rang. I tend to ignore the phone and let it go to voice mail when I’m with my children, but I knew I needed to answer when I saw this number.

“What do you mean he can’t come anymore? He’s only be there a few weeks! It took us months of paperwork and phone calls to get him into your program!” I practically shouted into the phone.

I could hear my 11 year old son banging upstairs in his room. He was the subject of our phone call. With his intense behavioral and emotional issues, getting him the services he needs is as much a full-time job as is caring for him.

“I’m sorry,” I heard her say, “but we have decided your son is not a good match for our program. Have you tried talking to your Medicaid representative about other options?”

I took a shaky breath, attempting to calm myself, before answering her.

“Medicaid representative? I’ve been working with her for months to get him into YOUR program. Please, is there anything you can do for us? I would really appreciate…”

“The decision has already been made. Have a nice day.”

With that, the phone clicked.

My son had been rejected from yet another program, and my heart broke once again.

Exhaustion settled heavy and dark on my shoulders. Tears dripped onto the i-phone screen as I attempted to type out a blurry text to my husband with the latest bad news.

From a practical standpoint, I was faced with no childcare – again. From an emotional standpoint, I felt like I had been slapped.

What’s wrong me with that my child keeps getting turned away? Have I not parented well? Was there something more I could have done?

What Every Mom Needs to Know


Your child may or may not have special needs like my son does, but every mom faces the day when your child deals with rejection. It might be rejection from a group of friends, a scholarship not won, or a program that says no.

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What Every Mom Needs to Know About When Your Child Gets Rejected


What Every Mom Needs to Know About When Your Child Gets Rejected