Thank you for joining me for Fear Less: 30 Devotions for Creative Faith. You want to grow in faith and live with less fear, anxiety, and stress. This free bonus pack and additional resources will guide you into a deeper relationship with God.

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We’ve created a beautiful bonus pack to make your devotional experience especially fun and meaningful.

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  • Printable 30 day reading plan.
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  • Phone wallpapers
  • Printable Bible verse note cards.

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Fear Less: 30 Devotions for Courageous Faith

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From fearful to faithful…in just seven minutes.

Gripped by anxiety, panic, and stress? Do you find yourself constantly worried about the state of the world and the burdens of life? Step away from worry and into the peaceful, centered person God created you to be.

Author Sara Borgstede understands your struggles. She has overcome the challenges of food addiction, binge eating, depression, and panic attacks. Today, she lives a life of confident purpose, and she invites you to join her on the journey. We all need help to let go of fears and trust God more fully.

In Fear Less Sara will help you…

  • Break the cycle of spinning thoughts that make you feel out of control.
  • Replace the lies of the enemy with the truth of God’s Word so that your choices are in line with God’s will for you.
  • Discover the Holy Spirit’s calling for your life and how to follow Him.

Plus, you will find practical strategies for…

  • Bringing harmony into your marriage, parenting, and work relationships, even when feeling your patience is at the breaking point.
  • Finding motivation on the days you can’t get moving (and the secret is not coffee!).
  • Enjoying laughter, fun, and a deep sense of joy every single day.

Meet with God for just seven minutes of daily devotions during the next month and watch Him transform you into a woman after His own heart.


Additional Resources

Here are additional helpful resources to deepen your faith.

Bible Reading Plan Notebook: This notebook is specifically designed to give you a page for journaling, prayer, and reflection for each day of a 30 day Bible reading plan.

Sara’s 100 pound weight loss story: Read how Sara lost 100 pounds and has been maintaining it for the last 15+ years.

Faithful Finish Lines Christian weight loss program: Online Christian weight loss program for women.

Parenting children with mental health issues: If you parent a child with special needs, a child with mental health issues, or a child from the foster care system, this series is for you.


Fear Less Devotion Videos

See the complete list of Fear Less devotion videos here.


Connect with Sara

Sara would love to visit with you more about how God is working in your life. Here’s where to find her.

The Holy Mess Facebook Page

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