Have you recently experienced a storm in your life? Your storm might be a literal one, such as the Hurricanes we recently experienced in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean, or the wildfires in Montana, Oregon and California. Your life storms might be emotional such as ongoing battles with depression or difficult relationships. Your storms might be spiritual if you feel continually attacked by the enemy or if you question God’s purpose for your life. No matter the type of storm, this Bible reading plan for 30 Days of Praising God in the Storms of Life, is for you.30 Days of Praising God in the Storms of Life

Notice that this reading plan isn’t about merely surviving through a storm or its aftermath, but it involves actually praising God in the midst of the storm. Are you as challenged by this as I am?

My friend Chris who writes at www.diggingdeeperwithGod.com shared the important concept with me of praising God in the midst of life’s storms. In the Old Testament, God’s people didn’t just trust Him, they actually praised Him right in the middle of tough, seemingly impossible situations. (See 2 Chronicles 20:1-30) (Also see Chris’ blog posts on my website: Storm Clouds Ahead: When Your Attitude Needs a Shift and Storm Clouds Ahead: How to Prepare for the Storm.)

Take the next 30 days to praise God during whatever storms you are experiencing in your life.

  • Praise God for who He is.
  • Praise God for what he is done for you in the past.
  • Praise God that He works all things together for good (Romans 8:28).
  • Praise God knowing He has the resolution to your problem or situation already in the works.
  • Praise God because it is your job (Luke 19:40).

Praising God in the storms of life does not mean you necessarily praise God for the difficulty going on, although it’s possible. I’ve read of people praising God for cancer, although I admit I’m not in that place with some of my toughest problems.

There is much sin, and the result of sin, in our world and this doesn’t mean we place blame on God. God never desires evil or for bad things to happen to us.


Practice Praising God in the Storms of Life

Praise God each day as you read the Bible passages. If possible, copy words of praise or journal your thoughts in a notebook. DaySpring has some wonderful prayer notebooks designed for this purpose.

Bible journaling is a fantastic, tangible way to praise God in the storms of life, and this reading plan works great for that practice. Click here for information about Bible journaling, and come and join The Holy Mess Bible Journaling Facebook group for more. We have an active, engaged group there. Also, be sure to check out our Trust in the Lord Bible Journaling kit which has everything you need for a full month of meaningful Bible journaling.

This Bible reading plan is FREE and can be used anytime, and we are going to go through it as a group in October, 2017. Will you join us? I’ll be posting about various verses on my Facebook page and in the Bible journaling group.


30 Days of Praising God in the Storms of Life

Get this free 30 day Bible reading plan here. Includes a color and black/white printer-friendly version.30 Days of Praising God in the Storms of Life


Have you found a way to praise God during the storms of your life?

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