Do you need a family travel planner to help you plan your next family vacation? Will your family be traveling on a vacation this Summer or Fall? Use this Free Printable Family Travel Planner to organize and plan your entire vacation.

The Holy Mess Free Printable Family Travel Planner

What are the steps to planning a family vacation?

Save money now. Know your family vacation budget. Choose your destination. Check out the reviews. Pack Wisely. Grab my free printable family travel planner to organize it all.

Here you have the general steps to an amazing family vacation from BackYardTravel. 

STEP 1: Make a shortlist of where you, as a family, want to go

STEP 2: Set a budget

STEP 3: Research: suitability for your children, the weather during your planned travel dates, accommodation, transport in each destination, (or call your agent)

STEP 4: Decide where you want to go based on all of the above

STEP 5: Get passports and visas sorted out

STEP 6: Book flights & hotels (and tours!)


How do you plan a family vacation budget?

Taking a family vacation doesn’t have to break the bank, especially if you can be flexible about timing and opportunistic when you see a great deal. It will be important to focus on where the family wants to vacation, have a budget that fits within your means, and then arm yourself with knowledge about package deals and last-minute savings via reputable websites.

From vacation ideas to money-saving strategies, planning a budget-friendly family getaway with the kids is important to get the most bang for your dollar. Check out this list of 21 ways to budget your family vacation from TripSavvy.

The earlier you start saving for your family vacation the better. I don’t recommend going on vacation purely on credit, so that’s why you will want to set aside a little every month to save for your vacation.

How do I plan a trip checklist?

The best way to plan a trip checklist is by knowing your travel destination and the details about your trip. In my free printable family travel planner, you’ll have all you need to make sure your family vacation is organized. You will have access to an itinerary, checklist, outfit planner, to-do list, bucket list, and more.

Before booking your tickets and hotel, visit the destination’s official website and check the calendar to see what’s going on during your visit.

The easiest way I’ve found to learn more is to follow the destination on social media. I follow hashtags on Instagram for ideas and search the towns on Facebook too. For example, if we’re planning to visit Nashville, Tennessee, I would watch hashtags like #Nashville #NasvhilleTN #TravelTennessee #VisitTennessee.

What is important when planning a family trip?

Family travel may seem like a daunting event, but it doesn’t have to be, and planning in advance really does help take the stress out of it all. Set your goals and expectations for this trip. Do you want a relaxing vacation, experience a new city, and/or enjoy an adventure? Be realistic and understand you may need to compromise and be okay with sacrificing something you want to do in order for the vacation to run more smoothly.

Do not overfill your itinerary list. Make plenty of room to relax and rest in between any big adventures, shopping, or anything that will tire you and your family out.

How can I enjoy my family trip?

You can complain at home. Vacations are for silly family fun and strange and new adventures. Make memories and laugh at things that may go wrong. So check your complaints at the gate and lighten up. It is a vacation, after all! Be flexible and stay within your budget. Let loose and enjoy the people with you. Use our family travel planner to keep it organized.

This free printable family travel planner has everything you need to help your vacation be the best it can be.

This printable includes:

  • Family packing checklist
  • Family outfit planner
  • Family shopping list
  • Travel to-do list
  • Family travel bucket list
  • Travel itinerary

Download your Free Printable Family Travel Planner!

Free Printable Family Travel Planner


The Holy Mess Free Printable Family Travel Planner

Click here to download your free copy of the printable family travel planner.




Have you used a family travel planner before? What has been your favorite family vacation you have ever been on? Let us know in the comments below.

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