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The Netflix Hidden Categories Printable Booklet is the ideal time saver for those of you who have exacting tastes and know precisely the type of movie you’re in the mood to watch.

Now, with this download, you can choose very specific options such as “deep sea horror movies” or “biographical documentaries” or even “Asian action movies”.

If you’re like me and spend so much time searching for movies that you’re too tired to watch one by the time you’re done, this is an answered prayer.

Netflix Hidden Categories

What Are Netflix Hidden Categories?

In a nutshell, hidden categories are more specific types of films that help narrow down your choices considerably.

Sure, the basic genres of “comedy” and “drama” and “action/adventure” are fine and dandy, but usually there’s a trillion and one options, and frankly some of the category placements are questionable.

Hidden categories allow you easier and more time-friendly access to find exactly what you’re looking for.


How to Access Netflix Hidden Categories

Accessing the hidden categories is a piece of cake! A piece of chocolate cake! With Turkey Hill coconut cream pie ice cream! But I digress.

Your printable booklet has a list of categories with a series of numbers after them.

When you find a category that fits the bill, visit http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/###

Enter the number of the category in place of the ### and view all your available options.

For example, I’m in the mood to watch a good art house movie. I simply type http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/29764 and I suddenly have a plethora of narrowed down films from which to choose.

It’s as simple as that.


Interesting Netflix Hidden Categories

The Netflix available categories are quite wide and varied.

Do you love a good sports movie? You can see specific titles of baseball movies, basketball movies, boxing movies and more.

How about a good drama? You can choose from TV dramas, dramas based on books, dramas based on real life and Anime dramas.

Need a good laugh? Your choices include teen comedies, dark comedies, stand-up comedy and foreign comedies.

This is just the best!


Netflix Hidden Categories Printable Booklet

Download your Netflix Hidden Categories Printable booklet. Print and keep nearby so when you are browsing, you’ll find just the right movie or show for you. This booklet is our free (for a limited time) gift to you from The Holy Mess.



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