Why I Love Parenting TeensAs a parent of little ones, we often hear things like, “Just you wait until they are teenagers!”

It’s true the teen years are not always easy, but I have LOVED parenting my teenagers. Here are a few random fun reasons why.

Why I Love Parenting Teenagers

1. My downstairs storage closet went from this:

messy closet

To this:

closet cleaned

Thank you Rebekah, Kiersten, and Josiah. Summer chore lists = goodness and light.

2. Invitations to Candy Poker on the girl’s bedroom floor:

candy poker

candy poker

3. Kiersten dyed a purple streak in my hair.

purple hair

4. Rebekah’s Amazing Apple Pie Pancakes

Bekah's apple pie pancakes

She agreed to share her recipe with you. (Note #1: She created this recipe. Note #2: Having a daughter going into culinary school is yummy cool.)

Get Bekah’s Apple Pie Pancakes recipe here.

Teenagers are awesome!